Why Storm Drains Need to Be Cleaned Regularly

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The Purpose of Storm Drains

In many areas, a large percentage of the rain that falls absorbs directly into the soil. Development for human habitation and commercial use disrupts this natural process because pavement, roofs, and other hard surfaces cause rainwater to run off instead of soaking into the ground. Storm drains in San Diego, CA, and elsewhere prevent flooding by directing this excess runoff into basins and channels where its flow can be managed until it evaporates, runs off, or infiltrates into the soil. Keep in mind that storm drainage pipes and water lines are distinct from sewer lines, as they do not carry waste or wastewater toward a sewer line. In fact, they simply move rainwater and precipitation toward the sewer system.

Regular Maintenance is Important

Rainwater flowing into a storm drain carries trash, soil, leaves, tree branches, and other debris into the pipe where it can accumulate and obstruct the flow of water. If the pipe becomes partially or completely blocked, flooding may occur. It’s necessary to hire our top storm drain cleaning company in San Diego, CA to periodically remove this material so that the pipe can perform its intended function. This is especially true if the drain is located in an area with heavy foliage or in a property location that’s prone to sudden, heavy rainstorms.

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