Why Prompt Storm Drain Cleaning Matters

Exterior storm drains collect water and runoff from your landscape and roofs. However, if a storm drain gets clogged, you can be left with excess water and damage from flooding. This is one of the reasons why prompt storm drain cleaning like what’s provided by Specialized Pipe Technologies is important. Here are some other reasons to add to this list.

Reducing Water Contamination

Storm drains that are clogged could contaminate nearby streams, lakes, or other waterways accessible from your property. Even if you don’t have bodies of water near your property, pooled water from flooded storm water runoff drains could be hazardous if it’s full of dirt, debris, and various impurities.

Protecting Nearby Structures

A clogged storm drain can contribute to standing water on nearby spaces. If the backup is severe, the overflowing water might make its way to other floors or saturate the ground enough to present a risk to underground wires or cables. With proper, prompt cleaning, your drains can be quickly and meticulously cleaned so stormwater once again goes where it needs to go.

Maintaining Your Landscape and Property Value

Clogged or blocked storm drains could also damage your lawn, flowerbeds, shrubs, and other landscape elements from the resulting water saturation. Also, if your drains aren’t being promptly cleaned, this type of damage may affect your property’s appearance and value.

Get Prompt, Affordable Results Right Here

Choose Specialized Pipe Technologies as your preferred storm drain cleaning company for well-maintained and efficient storm water runoff drains ready. We also make repairs in an equally efficient way when drains need some attention beyond what can be accomplished with a thorough cleaning.

Contact us today for fast, reliable storm drain cleaning in San Diego, CA, and other areas we serve such as the states of Florida and Nevada.

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