When Should You Schedule a Sewer Video Inspection?

Specialized Pipe Technologies is the only name to remember for general plumbing and all related services in and around the many areas that we serve. One of the many tasks that we’re qualified to handle on behalf of local property owners is pipe inspection in Sarasota, FL, and we’d like to answer a few questions about exactly what’s involved in this highly specialized procedure.

Here are a few things about sewer inspection in Sarasota, FL from SPT that you should know about:

What Can a Sewer Camera Inspection Reveal?

A sewer camera inspection in Sarasota, FL allows for up-close inspection of the entire interior surface of a pipe. The size of any cracks, the presence of tree roots and the location of other damage can be documented. A trained plumber will also be able to determine if the pipe maintains the proper gradient for flowing and offer effective solutions to sewer line issues based upon the information gathered during the camera inspection.

When Should I Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection?

The most obvious reason to perform a video camera inspection in Sarasota, FL is in response to frequent sewer back-ups or suspected sewer leaks. These problems indicate that the sewer line has been blocked or damaged in some way. Sewer camera inspections may also be conducted during a home remodeling or landscaping project that could affect the performance of the sewer line as well as to verify the age and condition of a sewer line as part of a real estate transaction.

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