When Is Pipe Repair A Property Owner’s Responsibility?

When a pipe breaks, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Figuring out who’s responsible for the repair can sometimes be tricky. At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we’re ready to provide professional pipe repair in Long Beach, CA and can help you understand who bears the responsibility in specific situations: 

Water Pipe Repairs

The property owner is responsible for all water line repairs located between the house and the municipal water line. This includes the length of pipe that’s under a sidewalk or the curb lawn. Get in touch with your local plumbing company for help regarding a burst pipe repair.

Sewer Pipe Repairs

Property owners are responsible for sewer pipe repairs between their house and the city sewer main, while the city is responsible for the sewer main that runs under the street. If your home has a sewage backup, it’s a good idea to contact your neighbors and find out if they also have a problem. It’s possible for a sewer main problem to cause a sewage backup into your home. You can count on our pipe repair specialists to provide a professional inspection and expert repairs.

Insurance Responsibility 

If your water or sewer pipe is damaged by accident or vandalism, your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover the damage. If you’re having work done on your property, and the contractors break the water service line, your contract may specify that they’re liable for repairing what they break. We’re here if you need us to quickly replace or repair pipe.

Specialized Pipe Technologies is the trusted provider of pipe replacement and relining services. We’ll work with you and your neighbors or the city to make sure that any broken pipe is fixed promptly and correctly, avoiding any damage to your property and the surrounding area. Contact us today for reliable plumbing services.

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