When Does Your Commercial Property Need Sewer Cleaning?

Many property owners often overlook sewer maintenance, which is a crucial aspect of operating a business. However, failure to take care of your company’s sewer lines can generate extra expense or even corporate liability if problems ever arise. In today’s blog, Specialized Pipe Technologies shares the following tips on when to enlist commercial sewer cleaning.

As a Solution to Slow-Flowing or Blocked Sewer Line

The most logical time to seek out sewer cleaning services for your commercial property is when you notice slow-moving drains, gurgling toilets, sewer backup, and other issues. Taking early action can head off further problems by getting rid of blockages that could cause sewage to back up into your building or escape into groundwater sources.

As Part of Your Business’s Corporate Maintenance Routine

Including sewer cleaning among your regular maintenance activities is a great way to prevent downtime due to a clogged sewer line. Hiring an expert from Specialized Pipe Technologies to periodically inspect and clean traps, grease interceptors, and other problem areas may also prevent costly repairs later by keeping your commercial drain and sewer lines in good condition.

Before Transfer or Sale of the Business

If you’re preparing to sell your company, merge with another business, or otherwise transfer ownership to another party, having the sewer lines cleaned and checked for damage ahead of time should be part of the process. Taking care of this task helps prospective buyers make informed decisions about the property and provides the eventual recipient with peace of mind.

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