What You Need to Know About Storm Drains

Specialized Pipe Technologies has industry experts when it comes to all things related to storm drain cleaning in Miami FL. We want our clientele to be fully informed about every aspect of their property’s plumbing, and we offer the following facts on underground storm drains.

The Importance of Storm Drains

In highly developed areas like metro Miami, even small rainfall events can result in flooding due to reduced infiltration of rainwater. Storm drains in Miami FL and elsewhere are designed to help large properties, such as condominiums, shopping plazas, and even football stadiums elevate flooding from a rainstorm. Most storm drains empty directly into natural streams or into artificially constructed ponds that have been created to manage stormwater flow.

Storm Drain Maintenance

As water flows into a storm drain, it carries leaves, tree limbs, grass clippings, trash, and a host of other materials along with it. These items can accumulate in the drain to the point that they obstruct the free flow of water. Regular storm drain cleaning is essential to preventing the hassles associated with a clogged storm drain in Miami FL.

Our Storm Drain Services

As an established storm drain cleaning company in Miami FL, Specialized Pipe Technologies is excellently positioned to respond quickly to calls for routine and emergency services. We can provide seasonal storm drain cleaning to ensure that your commercial property’s drains are always in top condition or perform a one-time clean-out to get a severely obstructed drain flowing again.

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If your property is overdue for storm drain cleaning services in Miami FL, contact the crew at Specialized Pipe Technologies today. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment to inspect and clean your storm drains right away to head off problems now and in the future. We look forward to serving you.

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