What We Look For During a Pipe Inspection

Sewer and drain pipe problems can be challenging to assess, especially for homes and buildings with sewer systems. At Specialized Pipe Technologies, our expert pipe repair specialists use video pipe inspection in Naples, FL, to analyze the state of a clients’ sewer systems. With the use of our high-definition cameras, our professionals are able to conduct a thorough visual inspection of all underground pipes and sewer pipes, including those that lie under the building’s foundation.

What We Look for During a Pipe Inspection

Pipe inspections are a helpful way to figure out what’s wrong with their clients’ plumbing problems. Thanks to this technology, a sewer inspection in Naples, FL, uses radio transmitters connected to a drain camera to identify any obstructions in the drain. This inspection gives our top technicians the visual evidence they need to properly diagnose different problems.

A camera inspection in Naples, FL, is an efficient way to look for common drain problems like damaged pipes, clogged sewer lines, and the wear and tear from extended use. This inspection is especially useful for older buildings or homes with plumbing systems that are deteriorating or heavily corroded.

How Does a Plumbing Video Inspection Work?

A video Inspection in Naples, FL, uses high-resolution cameras to travel through pipes and sewer lines. These cameras work well in drain lines, whether they’re 2in or 36in in diameter. In this sewer camera inspection, drain cameras use radio transmitters to record the physical location and depth to access the obstructions or defects inside the drain line. This data helps our technicians here at SPT come up with the best solution to these minor and major problems.

Once the video footage is taken, our pipe repair specialists receive it in real-time. During a video camera inspection in Naples, FL, we can assess the situation immediately as they view the problems in their monitors, saving the footage for future reference.

Whether a sewer system is compromised by obstructions, damaged pipes, corrosion, or other deterioration, our top technicians can use camera inspections to help. Contact Specialized Pipe Technologies today to get started with a sewer inspection.

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