What Is CIPP Lining?

For homeowners considering pipe lining in Mansfield, OH, CIPP pipe lining presents a cost-effective alternative to full-pipe replacement. When performed by qualified pipe repair professionals, CIPP repairs pipe damage, restoring water flow without extensive digging.

CIPP stands for “cured-in-place pipe.” This begins with a visual inspection of the pipe, employing cameras and other tools to evaluate the extent of the damage. This inspection allows the pipe repair specialists in Mansfield, OH, to determine whether CIPP is appropriate for the job.

To better understand the benefits of CIPP pipe re-lining in Mansfield, OH, here’s a brief overview of the process:

  • After inspecting the pipe, our team will use a pneumatic tool to clear away dirt, grease, and obstructions, ensuring that the original pipe is as clean as possible.
  • A technician inserts a textile liner into the damaged pipe. The liner is impregnated with a liquid resin, an epoxy base, and a hardener.
  • A bladder inflates the CIPP liner into place. The epoxy dries and hardens, creating a “pipe within a pipe.”

Pipe lining companies in Mansfield, OH, often use CIPP repairs for sewer lines, as the process is much less expensive than other repair or replacement options. In most cases, plumbers do not need to cut holes in walls or ceilings to make CIPP repairs.

When considering trenchless pipe lining in Mansfield, OH, property owners should work with experienced professionals. CIPP isn’t ideal for smaller pipes, and we need to clean the existing pipes extensively and perform detailed evaluations before beginning the work.

The experts at Specialized Pipe Technologies offer a professional solution for CIPP pipe lining in Mansfield, OH. Our team can help you find a non-invasive option to restore your property’s water flow while minimizing costs and downtime. To get started, call us today for a free consultation.

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