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Houston, Texas Water Pipe Repair & Lining

Our Customers know that they are able to depend on us for top quality service in Houston. In fact, we believe that we offer our customers the type of high quality service that is in very high demand in Houston and across the country. The fact is that customers look for a reliable company to perform sewer and water pipe repair and lining in Houston. We believe that we supply that service backed with the latest high tech equipment and tools. We’ve developed a strong reputation in the community as a company that stands by their guarantee to fix damaged pipes and slip lining deteriorating pipes quickly and efficiently. Call on us anytime of the night or day for quick service.

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Why Hire Us

Perhaps, you are wondering why you should hire SPT Pipe? Certainly, there are numerous plumbing companies in the Houston area. The answer is quite simple. We are an experienced plumbing company that has worked for all kinds of companies that requested water pipe repair and lining Houston services. Our long list of customers includes local restaurants, retailers, restaurants, and commercial buildings. Our staff of highly trained technicians are able to tackle any level of water pipe repair & lining Houston job very efficiently. Our goal is to answer the customers needs with great repairs and service.

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Our Company Always Growing

We are not a stagnant company that never progresses beyond the basics. We are a company that keeps on growing and learning. We accomplish this by keeping well trained staff that is highly skilled and trained with the latest technologies. We also provide our staff with the latest equipment and tools to complete jobs assigned in Houston. We work closely with our commercial and residential customers to find solutions to their problems because we realize that one solution does not fit all plumbing problems and situations. We believe that this step sets us apart from other companies in the area and helps the company keep growing and reaching much higher standard than other local companies.

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Water Pipe Repair

Our services are very affordable and we believe that we offer great service to our customers. In fact, we believe that we are one of the top leaders in the water pipe repair industry for that reason. Water pipes are a very integral part of residential and commercial buildings. They have the task of transporting clean and sanitary water through the building. Once that sanitary path is breached. A plumbing company is called to repair the pipes. Always contact our company once even a small crack is noticed in the pipe. Remember, those small cracks leads to major breaks in the future. Contact our company for any type of water pipe repair. Also, pay close attention to loud pipes, tiny leaks, and low pressure in the pipes. These are signs of trouble. We will send our highly trained staff to detect and fix the problem.


Pipe lining is also another service that our company offers to customers. Many request trench-less pipe lining to ease the cost. Sewer pipe lining is a highly requested service too. This is a very specialized service that only the companies with the most highly skilled staff offer. Our staff utilizes the latest technologies to clean the pipes completely before lining the pipes. Next, our staff will inspect the pipes with high tech equipment to design a further plan of action and design the length of lining. The pipe lining that we install is very strong and guaranteed to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure for a very long time. Often, more pressure than the original pipes. Installation is very quick and only takes a few hours.

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