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Pasadena, Texas Water Pipe Repair And Lining

Although most property owners or people in general for that matter do not give much thought to water pipes they certainly play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Much like flipping a light switch and expecting the lights to turn on or off, we simply expect the water to flow when we turn on a faucet, the shower, or flush the toilet. In essence we completely take these systems for granted, that is until they stop working properly. At that point people tend to go into panic mode. If the problem lasts for more than a couple of hours it even begins to feel like we are living back in the Stone Age.

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That being said, a vast network of water pipes run through and under our homes. At some point they will require extensive repairs, especially if your property was built before you were born. Since water pipes are unsightly they are typically located inside of ceilings and walls. There is an obvious benefit to the appearance of your property, however it poses a tremendous problem when the water pipes need to be repaired. Of course, whatever is covering these pipes must be demolished in order to access them.

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Once the pipes are exposed and properly fixed the plumbing contractors job is complete. However any areas that were demolished in order to expose the water pipes must then be repaired. Unless you are a handy at fixing drywall, have the ability to repair tile, wood, and carpeting on your floors, and of course can paint walls and ceilings than you must hire expensive home improvement contractors to put your property back in order.

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When you begin to calculate the costs of the demolition, hiring a plumber to fix the water pipes, and then hiring a home improvement contractor to make the necessary repairs to the areas that were demolished it can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. Even though most people would rather ignore the problem and hope that it goes away on its own, that is obviously not going to happen. As a matter of fact the problem will only grow far worse over time, up until the point that the water will stop flowing altogether, and or a major flood will occur.

The good news is that there is a better way of doing things. Water Pipe Repair And Lining In Pasadena, Texas certainly is a far more cost effective, and less time consuming method. It does not require major demolition in order to reach the water pipes in question. Instead a small, easy to patch access hole is cut into the wall in order to reach the main water pipe line. Next the plumbing contractor will use a small, yet extremely high-tech machine to literally line the entire interior surface of the existing pipe system.

This machine sprays a specially designed epoxy through the existing water pipe line. When the epoxy hardens which typically takes place in a matter of hours it completely seals all major and minor leaks including tiny pinholes. In essence the epoxy liner forms a pipe within a pipe that will last for well over fifty years. Once the pipe lining job is complete your water pipe is as good as new. You are certainly not left with costly and time consuming demolition repairs. When all is said and done water pipe lining will absolutely save you time, money, and a ton of unnecessary aggravation.

SPT Plumbing, the country’s leading water pipe repair and lining specialists is proud to provide our valued customers with the most recent advances in plumbing related technology. We have been serving customers since 1994, and plan to do so well into the future. If you are need of water pipe lining or any other plumbing related service kindly contact us today for a free consultation.

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