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Houston, Texas Water Main Inspection

Houston is a major city and highly populated so residents should always expect water main inspection to keep the plumbing system in a good condition. There are different companies that offer water main investigation in Houston and most of them use new techniques and technology to achieve better results. Here is all you need to know about this type of water pipe video inspection.

The Tools

A reputable company of qualified contractors will utilize thecamera systems uniquely designed for the inspection that are operated under live mains pressure into potable water mains. The latest method comprises of a small camera that has been connected to a nylon control cable. This can be put into a fire hydrant to investigate a potable water main and also determine its internal condition. What makes this approach efficient is that it provides a clear image for contractors working above ground. This image is a coverage of a distance of up to 10 meters in either direction. So professionals will be able to determine whether the main is suitable for lining. They investigate sediment levels without necessarily having to excavate.

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Using a Robot for Water Main Investigation

If you consult experienced and reputable inspection companies, you will notice that most of the tools they use are sophisticated. For instance, advanced, remotely controlled robotic crawler can be tethered by a high-strength, fiber optic cable. This is a modular-based transporter which is completely open ended. It can also be equipped with any sensor or tool required for the inspection. What contractors get is a variety of high quality data.

For a better view and high level inspections, contractors normally increase the size of the camera head and add more illumination. Quality of the inspection can also be improved by increasing sensors radial view. A good team of inspectors will also utilize a more rigid tether to have an improved inspection distance.

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The implementations of this technique has had many benefits to property owners, customers and the environment. Since no excavation will be needed, this is what makes it the most preferred method of water main investigation.

The problem identification process and repair is quick, so there is always less loss of water. In fact, this method has been proven to be 60% cost saving as compared to other conventional processes. If your business line needs investigation, this technique is the most efficient with improved timescales of operation all deliverables.

If there is any form of discoloration, this method can identify its cause and locations. Apart from it being an integral part of operational due diligence system, it audits the need for pipeline replacement. So for the sake of water renewal program, this technique enables proper future budgets and time lines.

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The through bore fire hydrant is popular in Houston because it enables utilities to utilize this assert for different types of insertion technology in the market. You should thus consult services of profound inspectors if you wish to enjoy full benefits of this new water main investigation technology. There are plenty of dedicated inspectors in the greater Houston. Always work with the best team.

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