Video Pipe Assessments: Increase the Lifespan of Your Facility’s Pipes

If your home or property was built before 1985, chances are your plumbing may have developed corrosion, hidden pinhole leaks or cracks along the bottom of your sewer pipes. Unfortunately, physical pipe assessments may not catch these common pipe problems. Corrosion, pinhole leaks and cracks are all catalysts that may lead to a variety of problems such as root infiltration, water damage, low water pressure, and even sewer back-ups. As a property manager in Baltimore, Maryland, it is important to include plumbing in your facility’s assessments.

How Long Do Plumbing Pipes Last?

Depending on the pipe material, installation, and climate, pipes can last anywhere between 20 and 100 years. Once a plumbing system has reached the 30-year mark, that’s the point you may need to start a preventative maintenance pipe inspection to increase the longevity of your pipes.

Cast Iron: Cast iron is a very common pipe material used for sewer drain and stack pipes. These pipes can last up to 100 or more years depending on the pipe’s conditions.

Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel is often used for a facility’s storm drain pipes. Galvanized steel corrodes extremely quickly and depending on the pipe’s condition may last only 20 years.

PVC: PVC pipes are one of the most universal pipes used to in both sewer and water pipes. PVC is expected to last on average 65 years.

Copper: Copper is most commonly used for water supply lines. This type of pipe can last for 50 years or more.

Be Proactive Not Reactive: Start Planning For Your Pipes Today

For an older facility starting with a pipe assessment can help you gain more insight into the condition of your property’s plumbing. Pipe assessments by companies like Specialized Pipe Technologies include a comprehensive video camera inspection that records the internal conditions of the pipe. Based on the condition of your plumbing you can:

  • Repair Immediate Problem Areas
  • Budget for Future Pipe Maintenance Repairs
  • Schedule Routine Pipe Cleanings

Increase the lifespan of your property’s plumbing by scheduling a video pipe assessment. Whether your property is 25 or 60 years old planning for your property’s plumbing is a necessary task that will help you avoid common plumbing challenges such as sewer back-ups that effect your residents and expand the useful life expectancy of your pipes.

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