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Typically speaking most home and investment property owners do not know what a vent stack is let alone what it does unless the system is not working properly. That being said the vent stack is a significantly important piece of your plumbing puzzle, particularly related to the sewer system. In fact its job is to vent the noxious sewer related gases out of your property and into the atmosphere where it is left to harmlessly dissipate. In addition the vent stack maintains the proper atmospheric pressure in the sewer pipes.

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Without the correct amount of pressure raw sewage and wastewater cannot flow through the pipes properly. This can lead to a backup in the system, and ultimately the raw sewage may end up pouring into your property through the drains, toilets, showers and sink faucets. The good news is that this nasty and extremely unhealthy experience can easily be avoided. When a vent stack problem is brewing you will typically notice it right away. An extremely obnoxious raw sewage smell will begin to invade your home or investment property.

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This is due to the fact that the sewage gas is escaping out of the vent stack prior to actually exiting the building. Unfortunately problems with the vent stack do not go away on their own, and certainly should not be ignored. If you smell raw sewage than it is highly advised to immediately contact a qualified plumbing contractor that performs Vent Stack Lining in Pasadena, Texas. We will further explain exactly what vent stack lining is in a little while, but first it is important for you to understand exactly how the vent stack works.

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The vent stack is a pipe that runs vertically through your property from either the basement or first floor right up through the roof. Typically the only visible piece is that small vent pipe that can be seen sticking out of your roof. The rest of the length of the pipe is buried in your ceiling and walls. All of the plumbing fixtures tie into the vent stack. The sewer gases travel all the way through the length of the pipe and are vented out of the roof. Obviously it is extremely difficult to reach the vent stack in order to make the necessary repairs.

In the old days plumbing contractors had no choice but to demolish ceilings and walls in order to reach and repair the vent stack. That would lead to costly repairs after the problems were fixed. Fortunately vent stack lining was invented. Instead of using the costly and time-consuming demolition method to expose the vent stack, it actually relies on an advanced plumbing technology. A remote controlled robotic camera is used to conduct a precise inspection of the condition of the interior of the pipe. Next a high-tech machine blows an epoxy material into the existing pipe.

Once the epoxy cures in place, which generally takes three to four hours it creates a brand new pipe within the old broken one. At this point the vent stack is as good as new. Perhaps the most positive aspect is the fact that vent stack lining is upwards of forty-percent less expensive than replacing the stack with a new pipe. In addition a good plumbing contractor will be able to complete the job within a day or two as opposed to weeks using the old, outdated demolition method.

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