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Have you heard about pipe lining? Pipe lining is a safe and proven way to rehabilitate leaking or corroded pipes. It leaves your existing pipes in place but repairs them from the inside, so you don’t have to tear out walls or dig up lawns. It’s much faster and less expensive than pipe replacement, and because we use existing access points (like drain openings or clean-outs) there is almost no impact to your property. Compare that to pipe replacement, which requires tearing open walls, floors and ceilings, makes a huge mess, takes longer, is more expensive, and doesn’t last any longer than lining! Once you know about pipe lining, the choice becomes clear.

How We Line Pipes

There are two basic methods for pipe lining, depending on whether we’re lining drain pipes or potable drinking water pipes, but in both cases, you’re left with a clean, sealed, and seamless pipe-within-a-pipe. Here’s how the SPT team rehabilitates your pipes - from the inside!

CIPP Drain Lining

For drains, we utilize CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe) lining. We start the process with a thorough cleaning, making sure that any blocked or root-intruded pipes are cleaned with tools and processes appropriate to the situation. Then a long, epoxy-saturated felt liner is inserted into the existing pipe and an internal bladder is inflated, pressing the saturated liner against the pipe walls. This creates an epoxy coating on the interior of the pipe. After a few hours the epoxy cures, and the bladder is deflated and removed, leaving behind a nearly-new pipe-within-a-pipe. The joint-free lining of the new pipe makes it difficult for invading tree roots and nearby bushes to penetrate through your drain system. Moreover, the material is less prone to corrosion, cracking or becoming disjointed, and the smoothness and durability of the final result improves overall flow and prevents waste buildup and clogs from forming. The best part is you can get on with life and forget all about drain problems.

Potable Water Pipe Epoxy Barriers

The process is a little different for potable water pipe lines. First, the problem pipes impacted by corrosion are sand blasted clean which helps prepare the pipe interior for the next stages of rehabilitation. Then a proven-safe epoxy, rigorously tested by independent third-party labs, is blown into the pipe. The proprietary technique coats the interior of the entire pipe system with a thin but seamless barrier. The epoxy dries, leaving a layer of protective coating between the pipe and the water it carries. Whether the challenges you face are in your drain lines or potable water lines, SPT has the solution for you. Now you know you have an alternative to pipe replacement – one that’s often twice as fast and can cost half as much. Call today for a free consultation!

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