Trenchless Storm Drain Repair Houston

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Houston, Texas Trenchless Storm Drain Repair

Nobody likes to think about storm drains, sewer lines, and other plumbing necessities of living, but without these, life would not be as healthy as it is. We depend on this underground pipes to remove waste that could make us ill. When they are in need of maintenance and repair, qualified technicians need to be called in to do the job correctly. To not do so can lead to illness and disease.

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Benefits of Trenchless Storm Drain Repair in Houston and Other Nearby Municipalities

One of the best ways to repair storm drains in Houston is through trenchless methods. There are many benefits to trenchless storm drain repair over other methods, and one is quite obvious – no excavation is needed that will tear up lawns, sidewalks, parking lots, or green areas, including golf courses and gardens. Because the need to excavate has been eliminated when trenchless storm drain repair systems are employed, the heavy excavation equipment is also a thing of the past. Not only is there no need to dig up pipes and drains, but there will be much less damage to the surrounding area, as well. Another added benefit is that trenchless equipment takes up less space, meaning smaller areas can be repaired this way, as well.

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One aspect of having drains and sewer systems repaired with one method of trenchless storm drain repair is CIPP, or Cured In Place Pipe that is sometimes seen as a drawback could actually be seen as a benefit instead. After this method is used, hydrojetting is the only way that is approved for clearing clogs and other blockages. While that may seem to be a detriment, it is actually a benefit because its efficiency and thoroughness can keep drains clear even in areas that were not known to have clogs developing. This is particularly true in restaurant settings where grease and other food items are often continually disposed of down sink drains. Because hydrojetting must be done prior to installing CIPP, the drains are cleared of any obstructions that would not only possibly pose a hazard and rip the lining, but also removes these areas ensuring there are no places where grease and other debris can become adhered to, creating future clogs.

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Other benefits are more well-known, such as the CIPP’s adhesive layer also acting as a root killer, ensuring that roots are killed off when seeking water inside of drains and other underground drainage lines. The interiors of the CIPP’s lining is smooth and provides nothing for grease, hair, food particles, or other solids or semi-solids to become adhered to.

Trenchless sewer and storm drain repair and lining in Houston can be done much more quickly than other traditional types of repair work, as well, simply because nothing is excavated, and after the work is done, only the curing process needs to complete. With traditional methods, the area needs to be re-covered, and sod or seed laid down. Areas under parking lots or concrete sidewalks would also need to be repaired. With trenchless repair work, there is no repair work after the repair work. During excavation work, there can also be contaminants that come to the surface, even with the most careful of technicians – trenchless repair work eliminates this risk, as it is all flushed away prior to the work being done.

A benefit that should help anyone decide in favor of trenchless pipe repair work is the price. At less than half the cost of traditional repair work, that doesn’t include the price of repairing lawns or hard surfaces, trenchless really is the way to go. When you need storm drain repair in Houston or other nearby cities, such as Tomball, Sugarland, Pearland, or Galveston, contact us today. SPT Pipe can meet your needs and beat your expectations. We’re skilled in repair work, and certified, bonded, and insured. We can explain in detail our prices, guarantees, and how this can directly benefit you.

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