How Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Works

While sewer problems are always surprising and unexpected, at SPT, we are quick to respond and ensure that our services are of the highest caliber. Our trenchless sewer repairs are part of this initiative to offer solutions that are long-lasting, fast to install, and affordable for all of our customers.

Traditionally, sewer pipeline repairs required trenches to be plowed onto a homeowner’s yard in order to expose the faulty pipes. This process could take several days to complete, notwithstanding the actual repair time itself. Because of this, dig-and-replace methods have fallen out of favor with customers who instead prefer solutions that are quicker and less messy. SPT has the answer for you, and our trenchless sewer pipe repairs are designed to be efficient and have a fast turnaround time. With our services, you won’t need to relocate to a nearby hotel for days on end while we conduct our repairs. Instead, our work takes a single day to complete and is done with minimal digging or inconvenience. Trenchless sewer repair involves applying an epoxy resin to the inside of your pipes, coating it with an inflatable liner that expands to match the size of the damaged pipe. This epoxy resin is a special substance that is designed to address multiple sewer line problems, including holes, corrosion, erosion, cracks, leaks, and misaligned sewer line joints. The flexibility of this resin allows it to be the practical and preferred solution for many different situations. After the epoxy resin has been applied to the sewer pipe, the resin is required to cure and harden without interruptions for a few hours or more. Once this is done, the resin has hardened to form the new pipe, completely installed within the old one, and is ready for use immediately. Because of this, our methods are far more effective and desirable than other repair solutions. At SPT, we offer trenchless sewer pipe repair to our customers because of the many benefits it offers. With the long lifespan and durable qualities of the new pipe installed through this process, we can provide our customers with security and confidence knowing that their new sewer pipe will last for many years.

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