Trenchless Sewer Repair Maryland

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Maryland Trenchless Sewer Repair

SPT Pipe is proud to be one of the premier trenchless technology companies across 10 North America locations offering the no-dig solution to all residential and commercial properties. Sewer lines running hundreds of feet can now be repaired within the day, sans the excavation.

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How do We do it.

There are 2 ways to have it done- the PIP, or the pull in place method or the inversion method whenever possible. We’ve got trained and experienced technicians who can do both repairs in record time. You won’t have to suffer from days or weeks of having no water at home or your business place. Call us and we will have our expert technicians make your sewer lines as good as new!

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Here’s an overview of how our trenchless sewer repair Maryland procedure works:

Sewer Inspection

Our qualified technicians will be able to see the exact cause of your sewer line problem once we have completed the camera inspection. This entails the use of a high-resolution camera attached to a fiber optic line which is then inserted into your sewer system.

Preparing The Pipe

The failing pipe is first cleared of any build-up from the inside. We activate our hydro-jetting machine to pump out a pressurized torrent of water that’ll blow out debris, roots, grease and calcified matter. The newly cleaned pipes will allow the resin material to smoothly and securely stick.

New Pipe Installation

Initially measured, a flexible liner is infused with special epoxy resin to a hundred percent saturation. We may have it inserted via trenchless access points from any manhole nearby or cleanouts.

Curing Phase

We put a bladder through the new line. Our specialized machine blows the liner to mold into the interior or inverts it at the same time, using pressurized air or water column. Once cured, in roughly 3-4 hours, the bladder is removed and the liner stays in place.

That’s about it! The whole process only requires two or three of our expert technicians to carry out and complete. We use high-tech and advanced equipment to speed up the process even faster. You will be able to use your system just mere hours after the trenchless sewer repair is completed.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair That Lasts For Decades

Homeowners and business owners can expect a stronger piping material within the existing line. Your new sewer line becomes highly resistant to corrosion, cracking, root intrusion and soil movement. Water calcium content will no longer collect and block the pipes after years of use. Backups will be fixed, and the flow of water will even be improved.

Specialized Pipe Technologies uses the best, the greenest and the most efficient trenchless methods to repair your sewer line system in Maryland. We restore any length and any size pipe, whether drain, water or sewer line. Our name is preceded by excellent service and cost-friendly solutions.

Call SPT Pipe now to get sewer repairs that will last more than 50 years!

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