Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining in Houston

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Houston, Texas Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Houston is one of the cities in Texas that has embraced the new trenchless sewer pipe lining technology. This method has also been used for years to repair common problems that affect the sewer line. Now residential, commercial, municipal and industrial customers can make use of this technology on smaller diameter sewer and drain pipes. There is so much this new technology has to offer to property owners. Here is a look.

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Why use Trenchless Pipe Lining Method

Many businesses and home owners have their sewer lines running right under their beautiful and expensive landscaping. It is the norm of Houston city to keep the environment as clean as possible. However, the conventional sewer pipe repair may require digging up the lines and ruin everything that was perfect. Trenchless sewer lining in Houston is cleaner and only requires one or two small holes to be dug. The holes are normally dug at the entrance and exit of the pipes. This reduces chances of your landscaping being damaged.

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Trenchless sewer pipe lining is also faster than any other method. Since there will be no large trenches to be dug, customers will enjoy a faster sewer repair. If you run a business or prefer to be alone in your compound, you wouldn’t want to have a sewer repair crew spend days or weeks in your business or compound. With trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement, the repair often takes a few days or even less for smaller repairs.

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Less labor always means less money for a sewer repair service. Homeowners can save more with trenches sewer pipe lining. This method reduces the time spent on a job. So most repairs and replacements will cost less as compared to digging trenches. What you get is a similar repair service only faster and cheaper.

One thing that makes the trenchless sewer pipe lining in Houston so popular is due to the fact that it is of higher quality than any other repair method. It uses cure-in-place liners or full replacements that may use seamless Polyethylene piping both of which are high quality piping material. This technology is better than the traditional one since it gives a joint-free piping that prevents root intrusions, cracks and off-set pipes. The wet Houston weather will also not corrode or rust the sewer drain like in other piping materials.

Apart from just lasting longer and needing fewer repairs in the future, trenchless sewer lining that uses the seamless technology improves the way the sewer systems function. The flow capacity can be increased by the pipe liners and the new piping using trenchless methods can be larger than the traditional pipes. This adds more flow capacity and improves the functioning of the sewer lines.

That said, homeowners should now be able to keep their sewer lines in the best condition. With various trenchless sewer pipe lining companies in Houston, finding a reputable team to work with shouldn’t be hard. Also make sure to look for contractors that have specialized in trenchless sewer repair and replacement.

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