How Trenchless Pipe Lining Can Fix Potable Water Systems

Pipelines may fail at one point or another due to corrosion or a crack in the line, and when this happens, you may start noticing low water pressure, rust-colored water, and failing joints which lead to leaks and numerous other problems and potential safety concerns.

Here at SPT, we repair potable water service pipes using trenchless technology. It’s a no-dig solution that foregoes excavation in favor of quick, efficient pipe lining and curing. In the end, you won’t have to have your broken pipes unearthed and ripped out of the ground.

Homeowners won’t have to experience a full-scale replacement if the problem is coming from a single point. Non-destructive trenchless solutions can repair potable water systems affected by single intrusions and reinforce the structural weakness with an effective lining process. Modern technology and the ability to create various epoxy resin makes lining a versatile process, able to meet the repair processes of various piping in sewer lines, water mains, potable water systems, and so on. Moreover, repairs can be made if the problem requires fixing in a point of bend or piping angles. It’s structurally sound and capable of working under high-pressure applications and external loading conditions.

The Lining Process

Traditional water lining repairs are very invasive in a lot of ways. For one, this process requires you to cut off the main line so that the leaks can be repaired. You won’t have any access to water for the duration of the repair. Once the pipes are replaced you start worrying about putting the destroyed landscape back together. In large apartment buildings and high-rise condos, this means that tenants will have to deal with restricted water flow and little to no water supply as the repairs are going on. In commercial applications, this means putting a stop to business operations and a potential loss of profit.

Trenchless pipe lining won’t require any digging or invasive excavation. Your asphalt driveway, yard, and garden will be safe from damage. Our technicians use a special epoxy resin that’s safe to use for potable water systems. The liner is put in place using a blown process. It completely coats the inside diameter of the pipe no matter if it’s made of galvanized iron or copper. Repiping won’t be needed as the special resin covers all pinhole leaks from within. You won’t have to worry about drinking water contamination as well. When the trenchless service is done you can turn on the water main immediately. The new liner is seamless, jointless and improves water flow to a new-like state.

A timely trenchless pipe lining eliminates the need to opt for an upgrade. The epoxy resin is much more durable and long-lasting than any other traditional piping material. It prevents future leaks, cracks, and invasion of tree roots and nearby shrubs. Moreover, the epoxy is designed to keep heavy metals and other toxic materials away from your drinking water. Trenchless lining stops corrosion in its tracks and turns your water supply from being rust-colored to clean and clear quality.

SPT has the knowledge and expertise to resolve any potable water system issues. We use trenchless technologies to bring your water lines up and running in no time.

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