The Many Benefits Of Trenchless Pipe Bursting In Baltimore Maryland

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Baltimore, Maryland Trenchless Pipe Bursting

In recent years property owners have become increasing aware of a relatively new plumbing technology that saves a great deal of time, and a whole bunch of money. Trenchless pipe bursting has become the go to option for numerous consumers that realize the value of it. Although the appeal of this technologically advanced plumbing technique is growing rather quickly, there are still a significant amount of property owners that do not fully understand the multiple advantages. On that note, we have created the following information in order to clearly explain the many benefits of trenchless pipe bursting in Baltimore, Maryland.

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1: Trenchless Pipe Bursting is Extremely Effective

Although traditional sewer repair will fix the problem temporarily there is a huge risk that it will fail to solve the issue on a more permanent basis. On the other hand trenchless pipe bursting is a more enduring solution that eliminates the prospect of future repair work. Plumbing contractors that employ this advanced method have the ability to install a brand new, long lasting PVC plastic pipe without having to do any major excavation to your yard. PVC is a far more durable sewer line material compared to the cast iron and clay pipes that were used in the not too distant past. It is far superior at withstanding the pressures from earth movements, and resists the invasion of tree roots that clog older pipes.

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2: Trenchless Pipe Bursting is Less Complicated

The traditional method of excavating your yard in order to dig a large trench to reach the sewer line is time consuming, expensive, and causes a mess. In addition, there are no actual benefits from it. Trenchless pipe bursting is significantly less complicated. This high-tech solution not only replaces the old sewer pipe with a brand new one, it does not require any major digging. In essence the job can be performed quickly without ruining your landscaping. It also requires far less workers to complete the job, which of course leads to a significant reduction in cost.

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3: Trenchless Pipe Bursting is Safer

There is minimal safety risks associated with trenchless pipe bursting. Yes, a great deal of force is utilized to literally burst the old pipes out of the way so that the new ones can be installed. However, it all takes place safely underground. When the pieces of the old pipe burst they are distributed in the earth where they are simply left to rot away. In addition the trenchless method is safer than excavating a large trench. Whenever a large section of ground is excavated it creates the chance of exposing harmful and even toxic materials into the atmosphere. It is always better to avoid large amounts of digging if possible.

4: Trenchless Pipe Bursting is More Cost Effective

When you consider all of the aspects that are involved with the traditional excavation method trenchless pipe bursting][2] is far more cost effective. The plumbing contractor is in and out with a small crew, which significantly cuts down on labor costs. In fact most jobs only take a day or two compared with multiple weeks for the excavation process. When the job is complete you will not need to spend any money down the road repairing the problem again. Unlike traditional sewer pipe repair, you will not need to pay for expensive landscaping to fix the gapping scar left by the trench.

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