Tips To Keep Your Pipes Odor-Free During the Hot Summer Months

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Hot summer months usually mean the sun, the beach, and ice cream. You wouldn’t want this picture to be ruined by a foul odor coming from somewhere inside of your house. Pipes can start emitting a noxious smell during hotter months where heat and humidity alternate between one another and can prove to be harmful to your health and home if left unchecked.

That’s because these gases contain bacteria which may cause various ailments. For those who own business establishments the smell alone could drive off customers and decrease overall profits, it’s important to have the pipes functioning like normal, without the added smells.

Here are some tips on how you can keep them odor-free during summertime:

  • Check The Kitchen Drains

Emergency drain blockages occur when a household member flushes things down the drain where they shouldn’t be. Liquids that turn into solids are the biggest offenders of a clogged kitchen drain. Large food chunks, grease, and oil from cooking accumulate over time, which can break down and rot inside of the pipe, producing foul odors. Timely sewer video inspections and trenchless cleaning can get you back to that odor-free state.

  • Maintain Floor Drains

For business owners, it’s worth the extra time to make sure that the floor drains from the bathroom are well taken care of. The buildup of bacteria can add up and turn customers away. If you don’t want complaints and poor reviews, then invest in cleaning up and maintaining your floor drains properly.

  • Check if the Sinks and Bathtubs are Old or Rarely Used

If the sinks and bathtubs in your home are old and haven’t been inspected in a long time, this could be the culprit of the raw sewage smell that pervades your home. The P-trap located under tubs and sinks hold water so that sewer gases don’t escape the drain. If that particular drain or bathtub is used rarely, then chances are that the water in the P-trap has evaporated, allowing the gas to escape. In addition, take a look around the house and see if you have fixtures that are rarely being used. Write them down and make sure that you check them and run water down these drains twice per month to keep the P-trap active. For toilets, you can just press the flush button to cycle the water and bring in a fresh one.

  • Check the Toilet Wax Ring

A wax ring seals the space in between the toilet and the flooring to prevent water from seeping through. Wax rings are by nature durable and should withstand the test of time, but there are instances where it could break off or prematurely get damaged. Check every toilet bowl and see if the wax rings are secure. A wobbly toilet seat indicates a damaged wax ring which should immediately be replaced.

  • Insulate the Pipes

To prevent rancid smells from permeating your home, you can have foam pipe insulation installed over the pipes, which protects against humidity and condensation.

  • Get An Inspection Done

Sewer video inspections can reveal underlying issues, such as a cracked or broken pipe. SPT can quickly fix your sewer lines efficiently and in just a few hours. We can conduct sewer odor detection services to pinpoint the exact cause of your sewer problem and remove it accordingly.

To learn more about how to keep your pipes odor-free during the summer, call SPT for assistance.

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