The Process of Video Camera Inspection

It can be an annoying situation to have a sewer problem and not know where the issue is. Fortunately, the experts at Specialized Pipe Technologies can help you with our video camera inspection. Our expert pipe inspection service can quickly and easily find blockages and cracks. Learn more about our process below:

Special Equipment Used

When a customer suspects that they have sewer line damage, we get called for a professional pipe inspection. Our expert utility locator inserts a video inspection rod inside a pipe through a vault, inlet or manhole. Our inspection rod can be inserted into a pipe with a diameter ranging from approximately 2-36 inches.

We conduct the video inspection using a high-resolution video camera attached to an elastic fiber optic scope. The camera is waterproof and durable so it can be utilized in tough jobs. An LED light mounted at the end of the sewer inspection rod allows proper visibility inside the pipe. Additionally, the rod is capable of maneuvering around corners and curves and bending to reach any blocked area.

The Video Inspection Process

Our professional technicians use a monitor to the inside of the pipe as the camera continues to travel along. The technician is capable of inspecting the pipe conditions by seeing exactly where the problem is or even detect potential upcoming problems. Our technicians collect the video footage and store as an MP4 file which can be offered to you as a record. 

The video inspection equipment is also tailored with a transmitter which permits our experts to stop the rod at the blockage point and mark it. Once the position has been recognized, our utility location experts will be able to advise you on how the issue should be fixed.

Specialized Pipe Technologies provides drain cleaning services in Las Vegas, NV; Long Beach, and San Diego, California; Miami, and Sarasota Florida. We also provide video camera inspection in Naples, FL, as well as in Collier County, Lee County, and in Fort Myers, FL.

If you suspect that your sewer line is damaged in any way, get in touch with Specialized Pipe Technologies today. We can provide you with a thorough camera inspection and the proper solutions.

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