Storm Drain Maintenance

Storm drains are a critical part of city infrastructure. They divert water out of the street and prevent flooding. At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we’re the local experts on storm drains in Frederick, MD. Read on to learn about basic storm drain maintenance.

Keep Up With Yard Work

Leaves, pine needles, twigs, and branches can build up in storm drains and slow the movement of water. Keeping up with yard work helps with maintaining clear drains. By raking your yard and bagging the yard waste, you’ll lower the need for storm drain cleaning in Frederick, MD.

Pick Up Trash

When you see trash in your yard or blowing down the street, pick it up. Use disposable gloves, or wrap a plastic bag around your hands for protection. Keeping garbage out of the street is an important part of storm drain cleaning services in Frederick, MD.

Report Deceased Animals

When an animal gets run over in the street and becomes roadkill, the carcass may sit there for days. The next time there’s heavy rain, the remains could get washed into the storm drain. This will lead to a clogged storm drain in Frederick, MD. When you notice a dead animal in the street, call the city so that workers can remove it.

Move Ice and Snow

In the winter, ice and snow can clog the storm drain catch basins. Avoid shoveling the snow or ice into the road. If you pile it at the curb’s edge instead, the heat from the sewer will naturally melt the ice. Let a storm drain cleaning company Frederick, MD handle all storm drain-related concerns you might have.

At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we’re the trusted providers of storm drain cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. We’re here to help you keep your drains clear. When you notice a problem with a storm drain in your neighborhood, promptly contact our team.

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