Signs Your Property May Have Leaks

It is crucial to have healthy and working plumbing in your home or property. Unfortunately there are many complications that go along with it. With issues like, pipe deteriorations, corrosion build up and leaks, maintaining pipes is a lot of work. Issues with pipes can cause greater problems such as property and surface damage.

It is important for homeowners, property managers and business owners to notice the beginning stages of pipe leaks before any damages take place. The most common signs of water damage are:

  1. Musty smell
  2. Warped floors/wet spot
  3. Wrinkled or bubbled paint on walls or ceilings
  4. Walls feel damp or cool
  5. Hear water dripping

If you are experiencing water damage, it may mean your pipes are experiencing leaks. Luckily Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) offers services to prevent and fix leaks. Services include pipe inspections, pipeline cleaning and pipeline rehabilitation.

SPT’s patented technology Nu Line is ideal in pinhole leak prevention and rehabilitating leaks.

Nu Line is an epoxy resin that is installed into the pipe system that coats the pipe from the inside. The resin cures and creates a protective barrier simultaneously to prevent pinhole leaks.

Nu Line is an excellent solution for anyone experiencing any pinhole leak problems. SPT makes sure there are no damages to your property and to provide you with the quickest and cost effective solution.

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