Signs You Need Pipe Repair

In many cases, the pipe repair specialists in Miami, FL, from Specialized Pipe Technologies are able to repair existing pipes rather than replace them. You may even benefit from a thorough pipe cleaning. No matter the issue, we can provide the right repair solution to restore the damaged pipe.

Cracks and Leaks

A common reason to repair a pipe in Miami, FL, is that there are cracks and leaks related to those cracks. Whether or not extensive repairs are necessary will depend on where the cracks are located. If cracks and leaks are widespread or in multiple locations, we will discuss the necessary steps we will need to take.

Pipe Corrosion

Are you noticing frequent drain clogs or slow drains? If so, you may have issues with corrosion. This a gradual process that often results from years of exposure to the many substances that often go down household and commercial drains. Galvanized steel pipes are especially susceptible to corrosion.

Burst Pipes

When you need burst pipe repair in Miami, FL, it’s usually because a pipe was already weak and old. The good news is newer PVC pipes are much more durable than materials once commonly used for pipes. While it’s not pleasant to have to deal with a burst pipe, it may end up being a good thing since your other pipes can be inspected as well to determine the right repair solution that fits your needs.

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If you’re still on the fence about pipe repair in Miami, FL, get an honest, accurate opinion from Specialized Pipe Technologies. We will discuss the best option, as it’s often possible to use minimally invasive techniques to complete the process.

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