How Sewer Pipe Repairs are Eco-Friendly for Your San Francisco Home

You may be concerned about how to go about solving your sewer pipe issues. AT SPT San Francisco, we have the solution! We offer sewer pipe repairs that are friendly to your budget and the environment.

We offer sewer pipe lining and pipe bursting along with rehabilitation services. Pipe lining is a process that can be completed in under a day, usually within a few hours. We come in, shut off your water, and go to inspect your pipes. Once we clean them out thoroughly, we bring in an inflatable epoxy pipe and insert it into the full length of your pipe. Since this epoxy solution is flexible until it sets, we make sure it fits securely into your pipeline, covering all of the damaged areas as needed. Then, we inflate the epoxy solution and allow it to cure. This seals your pipes from any damages including cracks and it helps prevent clogs due to the slick surface.

Pipe bursting is a method specific to fixing collapsed pipelines and also only takes a few hours to complete. The new pipeline is attached to a bursting head that is sent through the old pipe, fracturing it apart, and as it is broken apart, there is space for the new pipe to be seamlessly installed in its place. Regardless of the technique that we choose to employ, our technicians are trained and comfortable with conducting these repairs and ensuring that your San Francisco home’s pipelines are properly restored.

Before trenchless solutions came out, the old way of repairing pipes involved digging a large trench the length of the damaged pipeline in order to expose and replace it accordingly. This invasive process would be required to conduct repairs, maintenance, or routine inspections, making it costly and undesirable. At SPT, our services are far more eco-friendly and practical, preserving the environment while also ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our work.

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