Sewer Pipe Inspections: Why Including Sewer Condition Assessments in Your Reserve Study Benefits Your HOA

Sewer condition assessments are likely the last thing a property manager may think of to include in a reserve study for their HOA. From budgeting for reserve funds to planning a maintenance or repair plan for the property’s sewer pipes – sewer pipe inspections are the first step toward maintaining a fully functional sewer pipe system.

What is a Reserve Fund?

As many of you know reserve studies are a way to assess your HOA’s assets. From your roof, floorings, and ceilings these studies can help you effectively maintain and budget for your property’s assets. From these assessments, your HOA can discern both the time frame for the repair(s), replacement and the association’s reserve funds allocated to the property’s assets.  Based on the condition of your property this will give your HOA association a better idea of how much to budget in reserves.

Including Video Camera Line Inspections in Reserve Studies

Sewer pipe inspections are an often overlooked asset during a reserve study in your HOA association, however, including a sewer condition assessment in your reserve study can be extremely beneficial. Video camera line inspections help assess pipes that are hidden behind walls and under the ground. While these sewer pipes are out of site camera inspections and assessments can help uncover hidden problems that may exist in your sewer pipes. The value of having a video camera line inspection during a reserve study can be the difference between a disastrous plumbing emergency costing hundreds of thousands of dollars and a simple repair that may cost a fraction of that amount. With thousands of dollars on the line, a simple one to two-day sewer pipe inspection included in your reserve study is a small price to pay. With a better understanding of your sewer pipe conditions, your HOA association will be able to budget accordingly for maintenance and repairs down the line.

With especially older properties sewer pipe inspections are an effective tool to help property manager, board of directors, and residents determine the condition of their sewer pipes. By having an accurate condition of your association’s plumbing – you’ll be able to budget and plan to extend the useful life of the property’s plumbing.

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