Sewer Pipe Inspection and the Coming Winter Weather

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Is your home ready for the upcoming winter months? When the temperature plummets, water inevitably freezes. This means that if there’s any water left in your pipes, it could cause significant damage. You can face a burst, cracked, or sagging pipe and anything in between.

How can you avoid this disaster? By preparing with a sewer pipe inspection before the coming winter weather. SPT Pipe can help you take the necessary precautions to secure your sewer system and your entire home.

Wintertime Plumbing Troubles

The first signs of the upcoming winter will be the temperature falling quickly. During this time it would be best to call SPT to get your property ready for the cold.

Here are some of the most common wintertime troubles you’ll be facing:


Water expands as its temperature plummets. During the winter, the water in the soil expands as winter comes; when spring arrives, the ground thaws and the earth gets settled back in. This goes in a cycle, which eventually causes the pipes to sag. When waste passes through the sagging line it collects in that particular area. Wastes harden and slowly accumulates until it completely blocks the flow of sewage.


Leaks don’t just form underneath your kitchen sink. It can occur anywhere- in your home’s foundation, under the slabs, in the walls or the cabinets. Once a sewer line develops a leak, the whole structure could become saturated, which brings about greater consequences to the thaw-freeze cycle.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe during the winter is one of the worst things that can happen. The water inside the pipes expands and causes a significant amount of pressure. It finds a way to escape the pipes, often causing considerable damage to your furniture, floorings, walls and the very foundation.

Inspection In Preparation For Winter

SPT utilizes the latest sewer camera inspection equipment to conduct efficient visual examinations of the state of your sewer lines. An HD camera is inserted into an open cleanout to inspect any and all sections of your sewer line.

While doing a sewer pipe inspection, our professional technicians will:

  • Find all the leaks and fix them using the most appropriate trenchless solution.
  • Find clogs and clear out the roots, calcified deposits, and food waste.

All types of sewer line damages can be found and repaired via the pipe lining method.

The sewer camera inspection will reveal the state of your plumbing before the damaging effects of winter come along. You will receive pertinent, detailed information such as the material, the diameter, and the outline of your whole system. Moreover, we can offer advice on what you can and can’t do before and after the winter season.

Winters should be spent with loved ones and family, not fussing about burst pipes and a flooded basement. Call SPT and get the help you need to have a hassle-free winter until the warm season starts again. We guarantee well-maintained pipes that last for a long, long time!

Contact Specialized Pipe Technologies today at 855-549-1913.

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