Sewer Line Issues You Can Avoid

Sewer line issues can cause permanent damage to your pipes and lead to costly repairs if you don’t fix them soon enough. Avoid these headaches by staying on top of any problems you might notice, and know how to avoid creating new issues. Specialized Pipe Technologies offers sewer cleaning services in San Diego, CA that can help you do this.


Clogs are very common sewer line issues that are easy to avoid. Simply be aware of what you are flushing down your toilet. The toilet is not a substitute for a trash can. Paper towels, baby wipes, and even small toys can block your pipes and create clogs. If you are hearing gurgling sounds or experiencing backups in your toilet, our sewer cleaning in San Diego, CA can remove any blockages so that the water can flow freely once more.


While corrosion is unavoidable as sewer lines age, you can avoid the issues related to corrosion by having your pipes inspected. Unless you have durable PVC pipes, corrosion is a likely source when it comes to slow drains or strong odors coming from the drains in your home. Corroded pipes can collapse and restrict the flow of water. This results in a clogged sewer line in San Diego, CA.


Leaks are similar to corrosion when it comes to the problems they can cause. Leaks are commonly found around the pipe joints. If you notice water gathering, or puddles in your yard, there could be a leak. Our sewer cleaning services in San Diego, CA can locate the exact location of the leak and do any necessary repairs.

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