Sewer Line Backups: The Warning Signs

the warning signs of sewer line backups

Sewer lines are an integral part to having a healthy and functioning home. Mainly responsible for wastewater transportation, most home and property owners pay no mind to it unless there are issues with the sewer line.

In order to get a head start on knowing whether or not your sewer lines are in trouble these are some signs to look out for.

  1. Clogged drain or toilet: The most obvious sign of pipe dysfunction is a clogged drain or toilet. If water is coming back out and making an unfamiliar sound, chances are the main sewer line is clogged and this can lead to extensive property damages such as water damages.

  2. Tree roots: Generally found in older homes. Trees on the property have crushed the pipeline or infested it. Tree roots have the power of clogging the whole pipeline and if not taken care of, can lead to disastrous damages.

It may be difficult for a homeowner to determine the cause of their sewer line backups, but thanks to professional pipelining technicians can find the exact cause and solutions to fix clogged drain pipes can be established.

Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) is a pipeline renewal company, determined to rehabilitate any pipeline. SPT offers to inspect, clean and line sewer laterals and other pipes. SPT also uses state of the art pneumatic cutters, which can easily cut through the toughest tree root cluster.

Beyond that SPT also will rehabilitate your damaged pipeline. For instance if tree root infiltration cause damages to the sewer line, instead of a pipe replacement – a trenchless pipe lining job will suffice. SPT uses Nu Drain a patented lining process, also known as Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining.Once the epoxy lining cures, it creates a pipe within the damaged host pipe. CIPP causes less damages, time and money than a traditional pipe replacement would.

If you are experiencing any sort of clogging in your home’s pipes it may mean your sewer line is backed up. It is best to act on it right away in order to save you from more damages in your home.

Call SPT today to book an on-site evaluation.

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