How Sewer Camera Inspections Can Help Keep Your Pipes From Cracking

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Pipes can become fragile and either crack, break or develop holes over time. In sewer systems, these structural weaknesses often have devastating consequences. Raw sewage seeps into the ground, under the flooring, and inside the walls. It’s best to have a small leak resolved before it turns into a huge mess, thereby saving you significant time and money. At SPT, we recommend the latest sewer camera inspection services to find out exactly what you’re dealing with before it turns into an emergency.

Pipes are made of materials that change due to the fluctuation of temperatures. Believe it or not, your pipes are subject to intense stress from sudden temperature drops and extreme weather conditions. PVC, in particular, can warp or easily crack if they go from hot to cold in a few seconds. You may start to notice drastic changes such as reduced water pressure or clogging, which tells you something is wrong with your sewer lines.

How Sewer Camera Inspections Can Help Your Pipes Last Longer

Taking action as soon as you notice the problem makes a huge difference in your quality of life. When this happens, you can call a qualified technician to conduct a camera inspection. By using the latest equipment and technology, we can determine the actual cause and come up with an accurate diagnosis. Additionally, a video inspection is also useful for when you’re buying or selling your property.

Our sewer camera inspections are a no-dig inspection process that allows you to see and find the smallest leaks to the largest sewer problems in crystal-clear view. The video footage is fed to a compatible monitor so you can actually see the problem for yourself. A high-definition camera device serves as the guide for detailing all the necessary information which leads to the best solution.

You can also schedule a sewer video inspection before winter comes. Winter-proofing your pipes prevents possible line emergencies and keeps your pipes safe in the freezing weather, and doing so will keep them functional for longer and ready for action come next season.

After a video sewer inspection, we present to you all the structural defects found in your sewer system before offering the best course of action for each of them. One recommended trenchless technology for repairs is the CIPP lining method. Also known as cured-in-place pipe lining, this is a no-dig solution that allows us to create a new pipe inside of the old one.

How Camera Inspections Can Lead To Effective Repair Solutions

Liners are versatile and they work in a variety of applications and pipeline materials, including copper, cast iron, steel, Orangeburg, and PVC. Moreover, this repair method works from multiple angles and pipe bends. The result is a seamless, jointless HDPE pipe that’s more durable than any other piping material.

It’s highly resistant to leaks, cracks, and tree root invasions, and the new pipe prevents the formation of clogs, accumulation of calcified matter, and water discoloration from rust. With an expected lifespan of 50 years or more, our new pipes are expected to serve our customers efficiently and reliably for many years, protecting against cracks and other common problems.

Call SPT when you suspect that your pipes aren’t operating at their optimal rate. Our sewer camera inspections are the best in the Las Vegas area and are guaranteed to fully expose the problem.

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