Potable Water Line Pipe Repair Services

Potable Water Line Pipe Repair Services

Most water pipes and potable water lines are made out of either galvanized steel, copper, plastic or PVC. These pipes are always pressurized, and leaks are usually obvious due to the actively leaking liquid pouring from the pipe. Leaks and problems can occur under the flooring of a building or home, as well as outside of the building in the yard or landscaping area of the property.

SPT rehabilitates water lines with an epoxy barrier coating method that is proven to work extremely well with potable water lines. Our technicians will investigate the waterline or water main issue and discuss the quickest and most efficient solution with the property owners or HOA community managers.

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Trenchless Water Pipe Plumbing

SPT excels at incorporating trenchless pipe lining technology into all of our work, which saves owners the hassle of digging up their flooring or landscaping to repipe the entire system. Trenchless pipe lining and rehabilitation allows our technicians to essentially renew the existing pipeline structure without digging anything up. Epoxy barrier coating technology utilizes trenchless principles and allows water pipes to be rehabilitated in a similar service.

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Water Line Investigation

SPT generally does not perform traditional video inspections on water lines and water pipes. This is because potable water lines are constantly pressurized and leaks tend to be pinhole sized – easily found due to active water leaking, pouring or shooting out of the pipe. An SPT technician will perform a full water line investigation of your property and piping system, usually without the aid of a video camera.

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Rehabilitating and Lining Water Pipes with Epoxy Barrier Coating

Many drain pipes and unpressurized pipes will have the CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) lining method applied to them, but for pressurized and potable water lines, SPT will conduct epoxy barrier coating as the primary water pipe lining solution. Epoxy is blown directly into the pipe through a compressor, stopping active leaks and preventing pipe corrosion, a feature that is particularly important with steel materials.

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Water Mains and Water Lines Pipe Repair

Whether you need repairs or rehabilitation on a large water main pipe, a small water line within a home or building, or a water line or pipe going from the home to the public water main, SPT can perform trenchless water pipe repair on either type of job. We can do repairs on large diameter water main pipes as well as galvanized water pipe ranging from 12 inch to 4 inches.

Potable Water Line Repair

All pipe rehabilitation and pipe repair work performed by Specialized Pipe Technologies can be applied to potable, or drinkable, water lines and water pipes. Water that is used in a home or building for kitchen, bathroom, shower, and drinking usage is referred to as potable water because it is suitable for consuming and healthy cleaning. Our epoxy barrier coating method as well as investigation methods are all non toxic and safe for home consumption and everyday use.

Old and Aging Water Mains

SPT is capable of splitting apart old water mains and replacing them with a new HDPE pipe, ranging in sizes from 34 inch to 4 inches in diameter.

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