Pipe Inspections

Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) uses state-of-the-art video inspection equipment to locate exactly what and where the problem is. Our range of high-tech proprietary equipment can investigate sewer piping, storm piping, water piping, mechanical piping and any other piping as narrow as 1.5 inches in diameter.

Investigation resolves speculation and is documented to be cost effective. With SPT’s sophisticated inspections and testing we are able to utilize our plumbing configuration breakdown methods coupled with our engineering and insurance reporting capabilities. These methods and techniques allow us to detect valves, fittings, cracks, intrusions, leaks, faults and other failures that can be detected painlessly. SPT will also provide a professional opinion as to the usable life span of the existing system.

Water Main Investigation

One of the most important parts of your water system is the water main valve. This valve allows all the water to flow and can be used to shut off your water if something goes wrong in your system. So you can see why the water main is so important. Keeping your water main in tip top condition is in your best interest because once it fails you will have tons of problems on your hands. Today we are going to learn more about water main investigations and how they can benefit cities, homeowners and even business owners. Everyone is affected by a water main failures and having SPT do the investigation is a great way to keep them in perfect working order.

What is a Water Main Investigation?

A water main investigation is simply an inspection of your water main to check its flow rate, condition, and age. This investigation will help produce results that you can use to determine a course of action. Today we are going to learn more about how a water main investigation can benefit you and your property. Many water mains around the country are old and the chances of those mains rupturing is a growing problem that affects us all. So if your home or business has a water main that has not been checked in many years, you just might want to pay attention to the information you find below.

Six Benefits of Water Main Investigation

It Will Save You Money

A water main failure can cost you tons of money. When a water main breaks flooding will cause major damage to your property and to those around you. By having your water main inspected before a failure occurs you can fix it before it is too late. This will save you money in the long run. Often a water main will break at the most inopportune moment. During the night or on the weekend a broken water main can cost you even more.

It Will Give You Peace of Mind

Do you have an old water main that has not been looked at in years? If so, you just might be setting yourself up for a large problem. Instead of keeping yourself up at night by worrying about your water main why not have it investigated. This will help rule out any problems that might come up. If problems are found it will allow you to fix them before any major events occur and save you a lot of money in the long run.

You Just Might Improve Your Flow Rate

If your water main has become restricted this can cause your rate of flow to decrease. While you might not notice it a first if the restriction becomes too large your rate of flow just might be cut to a minimum. This can affect your appliances and other water-using devices in your home or business. A quick investigation of your water main will identify any of your restriction issues allowing you to fix them. This will mean improvements inside of your home or business that you can see with your very own eyes. Proper water flow is something that every can greatly benefit from!

It Will Improve Your Property Value

Having your water main investigated will greatly improve your property’s value if you are looking to sell. When potential buyers know that your water main is in perfect working order it will be one less thing for them to worry about. So if you are planning on making a sale this year whether it’s a home or a commercial property why not have your main inspected? It just might help you make that sale much faster!

You Will Avoid Property Damage

As we discussed above when a water main breaks it can cause flooding. This flooding can often cause major property damage. If your water main is near someone else’s property, chances are their property will be damaged as well. This can be very costly to you and even bring a lawsuit to your doorstep. So why not do something about your water main today so that you don’t have to worry about causing major property damage.

You Will Avoid Major Fines

If you own your own water main it means that you are 100% responsible for it. If something goes wrong with your main, the city might be inclined to slap you with major fines. Hundreds of dollars in fines can occur if a water main breaks. In addition you will be responsible for both the cleanup and the water that is lost during the event. So why not be proactive and get your main investigated. It just might save you from getting a fine down the road.

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