Camera Inspections Sewer Drain Pipes

Camera Inspections Sewer Drain Pipes

Sewer Camera Inspection

When inspecting or beginning the repairs of a sewer line drain pipe, SPT uses state-of-the-art video camera inspection equipment to locate exactly what and where the problem is within your pipes. Drainage pipes are often made with cast iron that can easily rupture with large holes and obstructions. We have a wide range of high-tech proprietary plumbing inspection equipment that can investigate sewer pipes, storm pipes, mechanical pipes, and any other piping systems as narrow as 1.5 inches in diameter.

A thorough pipe drain investigation prevents waste on unneeded repairs or replacements, and allows our technicians to discover the most cost effective and efficient service your property needs. SPT’s high-definition technology allows us to detect valves, fittings, cracks, intrusions, leaks, faults, and other failures quickly without ripping up your yard or flooring. SPT will also provide a professional opinion as to the usable lifespan of the existing system.

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A special camera is placed on the end of a flexible hose, which can be pushed through the pipe to find obstructions and leaks. A closed-circuit TV allows the SPT technician to have a recorded video inspection of your system.

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Leak Detection for Drain Pipes

It’s generally easy to spot leaks in a pressurized potable water pipe or water main, since the water will actively leak from the pipe in a visible way. However, drain pipes and sewer lines can be much more difficult as they’re not pressurized. Sewer drain lines can develop tiny holes from burrowing animals, or roots, or large holes and ruptures from dissolving under waste or clogged pipes.

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A leak detection and camera inspection can be performed to find drain line leaks, both actively with a camera to look for leaks, holes, obstructions or roots, and passively through pumping water vapor into pipe and looking for leaks. Your SPT technician will walk you through the best method and technique to find the issues with your pipes.

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