“Pull-in-Place” is one of the many different kinds of trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods offered by SPT when it comes to installing any of the CIPP methods to repair a damaged sewer, vent stack pipes or drain pipes. The materials and epoxy resin used for our pull-in-place system are basically the same as the inversion method, but the installation of the pipe lining is completely different.

With SPT’s Pull-In-Place trenchless sewer pipe lining system, you no longer have to be concerned with destroying your property or yard. Even when it comes to your internal pipe system, tearing up floors and removing floors are a thing of the past.  Our patented and proven pipe lining system is not only saves you time, but in most cases it can be a tremendous savings.

Our pull-in-place system allows for lining of 45s, 22s, sweeping 90s, and vertical stacks with ease.  You can actually start and stop within the lining process allowing for adjustments as you go.  SPT can service pipelines from 2″ – 8″ in diameter in less than a day’s time without the worry of going over budget.

What are the main benefits between inversion and pull-in-place?  With the pull-in-place you have much more of a controlled environment which means a higher success rate.  When it comes to inverting the liner inside the pipe the likelihood of running into difficulties is greatly increased and, you must also be concerned with the fast curing times, whereas with SPT’s pull-in-place you are to start and stop fully positioning the liner inside the damaged pipe.

How long does our process last?  One thing we do know: there are a lot of epoxy resin lined pipes in the ground today, and in normal installation scenarios there are not many (if any) failures today. Although you may hear the term “lifetime guarantee” or a 50 or 25 year warranty, the jury is still out.  Who knows: maybe after the apocalypse, the last two remaining things will be cockroaches and epoxy lined pipes?

SPT takes great pride in offering our customers the best products and solutions installed by the most qualified technicians.  Give us a call today and let’s see if trenchless sewer repair with our pull-in-place method is the right solution for you.

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