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There are two ways to solve any plumbing problem: the hard way and the easy way. The hard way is what most people imagine when they hear about a pipe repair. Massive excavating equipment digging a huge trench in their yard or parking lot. And if this is a business we’re talking about, then a plumbing problem means closing the doors for days, if not weeks.

But enough about the hard way. At SPT Pipe we only do the easy way. Instead of disrupting your life and business, we can solve virtually any plumbing problem without having to dig a trench. This means you save a lot of money, and the downtime is a couple of hours at most.

How do we do it? Glad you asked. It’s called trenchless pipe repair, and you’re going to love what it can do for you.

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How is Trenchless Plumbing Better?

By eliminating the need to dig a trench, we remove most of the inconvenience of repairing a plumbing system. The problem with traditional plumbing (the hard way) is that the fix itself seems to make the problem more complicated than it should be.

So here are some practical ways that our trenchless pipe repair service is better than anything you’ve seen before:

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Most of the time it takes to do a traditional pipe repair is in the digging part. Think about it: you have to get a tractor or backhoe out to your property, then you have to measure and keep some sort of organization with all the dirt that will get pulled out. No wonder it takes days to get the job done!

Then, you have the part where they remove the damaged pipe and then put in the new one. To be fair, this part is the fastest in this old process, but all these steps add up and you’re looking at days of repair work. And you still have to fill in the trenches and replace the landscaping!

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There are two major environmental problems with traditional pipe repair. The first is that all the excavated dirt has been in contact with sewer water. That means that once it’s out, all that bacteria that was underground is now out in the open. We are not the type to be dramatic or anything, but we are willing to bet that you don’t want to inhale any bacteria, especially the ones that come from sewer pipes.

Also, there’s the risk of having to rip out trees. Sometimes the excavation will find that there are tree roots that are in the way and may even be the cause for the problem. So the only solution is to get rid of the tree. Not good.


By removing the biggest task in the process of pipe repairing, you also remove the biggest expense. Trenchless pipe repair is cheaper in the overall project because not only do you save money on excavating, but you also save money in restoration. And you get a new pipe that will last for decades.

SPT Pipe makes plumbing repairs easy for you. Our team can take care of all your plumbing woes, from inspection and diagnosis, all the way to repairing and giving you a better plumbing system than you’ve ever had. Trenchless pipe repair is the smart decision for anyone who wants to save time, money and stress.

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