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Houston, Texas Trenchless Pipe Bursting

A broken or damaged sewer pipe certainly is one of the most devastating repairs that many homeowners in the Houston, Texas area have to deal with. Issues with the sewer system often happen when you least expect it. It causes a disruption to your household, and the repair costs may even be a large burden on your financial situation. In order to be prepared to pay for the repair, it is essential that you have an idea of the costs and methods prior to actually needing the work done. This holds especially true if you own a home that is over forty years old. In the good old days sewer pipes were manufactured out of metal and clay materials that weaken and rot over time. Planning ahead will most definitely save you time and money. The best way to be properly informed is to compare the traditional method verses trenchless pipe bursting in Houston. Typically speaking, a professional plumbing service that performs trenchless technology, also know as pipe bursting will save you both time and your hard earned money.

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Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Trenchless pipe bursting certainly is one of the least disruptive, and quickest methods of repairing broken sewer lines. It includes the installation of a continuous pipe that is made from a high-density, lightweight, and extremely durable polyethylene plastic material. The new pipe is actually installed by pulling it through the old sewer pipe. The new pipe fractures or busts the old one as it is being pulled through.

The pieces of the old pipe are broken in an outward manner and end up buried in the ground where they are able to rot away without causing any further damage to the system. The plumbing company does not need to dig up the entire area surrounding the sewer pipe in order to perform this high technology method. Instead only a small access hole is required at each end of the sewer line. The new trenchless plastic pipe should last for fifty odd years.

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Traditional Sewer Repair and Replacement

Traditional sewer line repair is a far more expensive and invasive process. It requires the plumbing contractor to actually remove the old pipe prior to replacing it with a new one. In order to accomplish this, the contractor must dig up your yard with heavy-duty construction equipment such as a backhoe. In essence, they dig a large trench along the entire sewer line so that the old pipe can be completely exposed. The digging equipment is not only extremely expensive to operate, which of course ends up costing you more money, it tends to ruin most homeowner’s yards. You need to keep in mind that most sewer pipes run directly under lawns, flowerbeds, bushes, trees, and even driveways. Anything and everything that is located above the sewer line must be removed in order to make the repair. The bottom line here is that traditional sewer repair and replacement methods are not only more expensive than trenchless pipe bursting, it also causes an additional landscaping and or paving bill.

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