SPT proudly offers Total Pipeline’s patent-pending Cyclonic Cleaning System to safely remove blockages, debris and grease from your Sovent system, returning it to like-new condition. It’s more thorough and effective than conventional mechanical cable systems and has none of the flood risk associated with hydro-jetting. Cyclonic cleaning swirl cleans the inside of your Sovent system using vacuum and a mildly abrasive cleaning aggregate. It easily gets into lateral pipes and the unique Sovent fittings for a vastly superior and safer clean.

All plumbing systems need periodic cleaning for optimal flow and to prevent slow drains and backups. Sovent systems don't use a separate vent pipe, so air flow at the center of the pipe allows for proper drainage. As gunk builds up, water flow is disrupted and begins to seal the pipe resulting in slow, burgling drains... or worse, a vaccum gets created, hindering flow. Unique Sovent fittings mean mechanical tools are not well-suited to cleaning these systems. Cyclonic cleaning uses vacuum and an abrasive aggregate to swirl clean all parts of the system. Get your Sovent plumbing system working like new, with non-invasive cyclonic cleaning.

SPT’s Proven Process

1.Mapping Your Sovent System

Because Sovent systems are unique, a clear roadmap is essential. Using building drawings, site visits, and camera inspections, SPT undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the Sovent system including lateral connections that other cleaning processes miss. From the mapping process, we determine access points for our high-powered vacuum.

2.Mildly Abrasive Cleaning Medium

An aggregate cleaning medium is introduced at various staging points such as rooftop vents and laterals. The turbulent nature of the cyclonic airflow helps the aggregate impinge on the interior pipe wall, cleaning and degreasing it. Through this process we are able to effectively clean vertical drain lines as well as individual unit laterals without causing damage to the piping system or the building structure. The grease-fouled media is collected and disposed of offsite, leaving you with a like-new Sovent system.

3.Camera Confirmation Inspection

Cleaned stacks are then visually inspected via closed circuit video, to confirm that the cleaning has met our high standards. Our customers are presented with a confirmation video, showing the impressive results of the Total Pipeline Cyclonic Cleaning technology.


  • SPT has been trusted to clean the Sovent systems of some of the largest hotel/casinos in Las Vegas, and high-rise condominiums in Florida and California.
  • The Total Pipeline Cyclonic Cleaning method cleans interior surfaces and components of the Sovent system. Mechanical snakes can just poke through sludge buildup, leaving it undisturbed.
  • The Cyclonic method does not use pressurized water in the cleaning process, so there is no risk of flooding or backwash damage from sewage or grease.
  • Because the Cyclonic method is fast, quiet and environmentally safe, disturbance to your residents or guests is minimized. And rest assured, no chemicals or cleaners are used.
  • By including lateral drain cleaning, you can ensure a comprehensive clean and a like-new Sovent system. Other stack cleaning methods do not address lateral drain cleaning.
  • The entire method is non-invasive, and there is no need to access the stack on each floor. In most cases, access is only required at the uppermost and lowest points of the system. Costs associated with removing and replacing drywall, common with conventional cleaning methods, are eliminated.

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