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Pasadena, TX Sewer Line Repair Replacement

If you happen to own a home or investment property in the Pasadena, Texas area that was built in the 1970’s or earlier than please pay careful attention to the following article. It could actually save you a ton of unnecessary aggravation, time, and of course your hard earned money. Issues with your sewer system may strike at any time. The reason behind this is due to the fact that in the good old days the sewer pipe manufacturers used inferior materials when compared to today’s standards. Instead of constructing these pipes out of a high density plastic PVC, they relied on clay and prior to that iron.

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Of course clay tends to chip, crack, and ultimately break due to the environmental conditions underground. Iron is famous for rusting at first and then ultimately rotting out. Both types of sewer line pipes have an average life expectancy of roughly forty years. When the pipe material begins to corrode it leads to major problems within your sewer system. For example, tree roots will begin to invade the pipe through the cracks or rotted spots as they seek an easy to reach water source. The roots will expand and widen the compromised areas of the sewer line, which leads to dirt, rocks, and other debris to enter into the pipe.

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These bits and pieces than form into a dam of sorts that blocks the raw sewage and water from properly passing through. Once that situation occurs you are at a high risk for a sewage backup. The bottom line is that raw, disease infested sewage can actually travel back through the pipe and directly into your property. So the questions that remains are how can you avoid this from happening, and what do you do if it does happen? First and foremost, there are a few warning signs that will occur prior to the system breaking down entirely.

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If you hear a strange bubbling or gurgling sound coming from your toilet bowl(s) or water drain(s), or a nasty smell is emanating from them than immediately contact a qualified plumbing contractor that specializes in trenchless and replacement in Pasadena, Texas. Although the traditional sewer repair and replacement method has been around for a very long time, the trenchless method is considerably more cost effective, and far less time consuming. Both of these traits happen to be good for your bottom line.

So what exactly is trenchless sewer line repair and replacement? Unlike the traditional method it does not require the need to expose the entire sewer line in order to repair or replace it. That means that the plumbing contractor does not need to employ the use of large construction machines to dig up your yard. This is certainly good news for people that enjoy their bushes, flowerbeds, trees, and lawns. Instead of tunneling a humongous trench alongside the entire sewer line, the trenchless method only requires the plumbing contractor to dig either one or two small access holes.

At the completion of the project the access hole or holes can easily be filled back in as if they never existed at all. There are two different types of trenchless sewer line repair and replacement. Pipe Lining may be used if the existing sewer line is in decent shape. This trenchless method only requires one small access hole to be dug at one end of the sewer line. A resin-coated tube is either blown or pulled through the old sewer pipe. Within a few hours the wet resin dries and forms a brand new pipe that is actually located within the old one.

If the current pipe is too damaged than the Pipe Bursting method is employed. Two small access holes are dug, one at each end of the sewer line. A new pipe, which is manufactured out of a plastic PVC material, is pulled through the old pipe bursting the clay or iron outward as it goes. The pieces of the old pipe than fall harmless into the ground where they are left to rot in peace. When the job is completed the brand new pipe has completely replaced the old one. The other good news is that both trenchless methods result in a repair or replacement that should last upwards of fifty plus years.

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