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Maryland Drain Cleaning

Maryland Drain Cleaning

Between the noxious odor and the unappetizing-looking sludge, fixing a clogged pipe or slow-moving drain has a pretty high “yuck” factor for many homeowners. When searching for a quick fix to get rid of stubborn clogs without getting your hands dirty, it can be tempting to go to your local hardware store to buy a commercial drain cleaning product.

Yes, liquid drain cleaners are affordable and easy to use, but many homeowners don’t realize they can do more harm than good in the long run. Not only are they highly toxic and can cause illness or injury to you or your pets, they can also ruin a home’s plumbing.

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Before dumping a bottle of commercial drain cleaner down your sink, tub or toilet, consider these arguments against do-it-yourself home drain cleaners.

Four Reasons Not to Use Liquid Drain Cleaners

  1. Drain cleaners contain poisonous chemicals. Commercial drain cleaning products rely on chemical reactions between their ingredients to generate heat that dissolves the blockage. However, these chemicals also create fumes that are extremely irritating to the sensitive tissues in your nose and eyes, and can actually cause breathing problems.
  2. Drain cleaners are extremely corrosive. The main chemical in commercial drain cleaning liquids is hydrochloric acid – you know, that thing your chemistry teacher warned you to never touch. Hydrochloric acid can immediately cause severe damage to anything it comes into contact with, such as your skin. It can also eat through porcelain, stainless steel or aluminum bathroom fixtures. Repeated, long-term use of chemical drain cleaners can destroy pipes to the point of collapse, turning a small, routine drain problem into a full-scale plumbing disaster.
  3. Drain cleaners are harmful for the environment. If the chemicals in commercial drain cleaners are so harmful to your health and that of your pipes, how do you think they affect Mother Earth? When leftover residue from these products ends up in landfills, it can leach into the water, poisoning fish and other wildlife.
  4. Drain cleaners may not address the root cause of the plumbing problem. There are many things that can cause a drain to back up, including broken or leaky pipes, intrusion of tree roots, or an issue further down the sewer line. Dumping a bunch of chemicals down the drain won’t do anything to fix that type of situation.

Next time your tub, toilet, or sink backs up, do yourself, your pipes, and the environment a favor – skip the drain cleaners and call your local plumbing expert to schedule a professional drain cleaning.

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Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning.

It may seem contradictory to say calling a professional plumber to clean your drains will save you money, but in the long run, it’s true. Proper drain cleaning is the best way to prevent small plumbing problems from snowballing into large, expensive repairs.

Professional drain cleaning has many benefits, including:

  • Improves drain function and flow
  • Gets rid of bad smells from sewer odors
  • Prevents future clogs
  • Removes health hazards caused by backed-up drains

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