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Pasadena, Texas Roof Drain Lining

If you own a building in the Pasadena, Texas area that was built in the 1970’s or earlier than chances are you are extremely familiar with your roof drains, and the plumbing contractor that fixes them on a constant basis. If that does not describe you than consider yourself lucky up to this point. That being said, problems can certainly strike at any time. This is due to the fact that back in the old days most roof drainpipes were manufactured out of clay, copper, or iron. All of these materials happen to deteriorate within a forty-year span when exposed to water.

Far too many property owners are under the misconception that it is more cost effective to temporarily patch the problem as opposed to fixing it once and for all. Nothing could actually be further from the truth, especially if you hire a plumbing contractor that employs the use of Roof Drain Lining in Pasadena, Texas. We will certainly explain what that technologically advanced method is all about shortly. In the meantime take a minute or two to think about what patching the roof drainpipes actually means to your bank account and overall health of your building from the following perspective.

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Let’s compare it to patching an automobile tire. Although it may work for the short term in the end you will end up purchasing a new tire anyway. So why waste your valuable time and hard earned money constantly driving down to the mechanic’s shop in order to have the tire patched? It only adds to the total expense since you are spending money on gas and the patch itself. Not to mention that you are taking the inherent risk of the patched tire blowing out while you are driving. Blowouts are known to cause car accidents that are damaging to both yourself and the vehicle.

Roof drainpipes are similar to car tires. Although they can be patched, in the long run it is significantly more cost effective and far less risky to repair them properly. In addition you can live with the peace of mind that an expensive system failure, one that may cause costly water flooding in the building will not occur during your tenure as the property owner. Thanks to current technology, roof drain lining provides you with an option fix the pipes without actually having to replace them. This high-tech and non-invasive process works in the following manner.

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A qualified plumbing contractor will access the roof drainpipes through an entry point. They will than incorporate the use of a small spray machine in order to apply an epoxy resin to the entire surface area of the pipe. Within a few hours the epoxy resin cures or dries and forms an extremely durable lining within the old roof drainpipe. Any and all breaks, cracks, and leaking areas are completely sealed. The old pipe is literally as good as new. In essence the new lining acts as a new pipe located within the old one.

The roof drainpipe is now protected against the both the elements and any further harm. The lining should extend the life of the roof drainpipe for approximately fifty years, so you will never need to worry fixing the problem again. So the question is why continue to fix the problem, or even spend the money it takes to replace the pipes entirely when roof drain lining is a far superior option? The answer is a simple one!

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SPT Pipe is revolutionizing the plumbing industry. We truly believe that incorporating the latest advances in plumbing technology allows us to provide our customers with the most cost effective and timesavings services available on the market today.

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