Odor Detection Services

Odor Detection

At Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT), our pipe repair specialists will help you get rid of recurring or persistent sewer gas intrusions or odors. Cast iron pipes that make up most sewer drain lines can easily rupture, leak, and sewage backup, which can lead to a sewer or wastewater smell within your home or property. This can happen within your home under your flooring, or also outside of the home as the drainpipe moves waste toward the sewer line and away from your property.

Since drain pipes are not pressurized, it can be difficult to locate the source of the odor or leak. Unlike leaks in water pipes, where the water is spraying from the hole in the pipe, the leaks in drain lines are not actively apparent. To locate where they are, SPT uses visible harmless non-toxic vapor smoke pumped into the drain pipe to find where the leaks may be. We will quickly pinpoint the location of sewer odor leaks from the sanitary system. Once the problems are located via our odor detection services, SPT can make the necessary repairs after discussing possible solutions with the property owner.

Rodents In Sewer Line Pipes

Sewer rats and rodents in your building can cause a serious problem with health implications for any sewer pipe system or property. If your building or real estate is experiencing consistent rodent activity, there’s a significant chance they may be entering your property through sewer pipes. Properties with 30-year-old pipes or older are especially prone to the dangers of rodent infestation, and rodents can get into pipes through breaks—a common issue in cast iron drainage pipes—faulty joints, root intrusions, and other points. A sewer pipe inspection can help determine what your issue is, and the best way to fix it.

SPT will use non-toxic vapor smoke detection technology isolated within the pipe system to find the location of breaks, holes, and faulty joints. Once the areas are identified, the necessary repairs can take place, cutting off the access point the rodents have to your building.

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