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Only professional pipe repair specialists in Central Florida, South Florida, Greater San Diego, Greater Las Vegas, Mid Atlantic, as well as Central and Northeast Ohio can provide you with precise leak detection services. Unidentified leaks can lead to the loss of thousands of gallons every month. While some are easy to detect, others are harder to see for the untrained eye. At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we have all it takes to detect every possible leak in your home.

We provide efficient leak detection services in the areas we serve. You can be sure that our pipe repair specialists provide excellent services to clients at all times.

Signs of Leak Issues

Since leaks can occur anywhere water flows, you need to be on the lookout to avoid the wastages and losses. Common places to check include valves, faucets, showers, toilets, sinks, and appliances. When you spot a leak, give us a call and our technicians will arrive on time to conduct an effective water leak detection.

Our leak detection specialists may use sewer camera inspections to check for leaks in drain and sewers, and the process can often take less than an hour. The most likely sign of a water leak is a constantly running meter and an increased bill. If the water meter keeps running even after you have switched off all running water, a leak is hiding somewhere. Since the water meter continues to run even when you aren’t using the water, the meter bill will be inordinately high. In some cases, the leak may happen below the surface, so you will need expert technicians to conduct an underground leak detection.

If molds and mildew begin developing in places other than the bathroom or toilets, you could be looking at possible leaks. You should then engage the services of top pipe repair specialists to commence a leak detection.

Benefits of Leak Detection

Professional water leak detection will give you peace of mind. You will smile all the way to bed, or to work with the knowledge that no water is seeping out of the pipes, and that since the entire system is watertight, the risk of contaminants finding their way into your water is greatly reduced. Water leak detection prevents much more than water losses and rising water bills.

Timely water leak detection will also prevent damage to property. An underground leak may cause havoc to the foundation of your property, increase dampness within your home, and lead to the growth of molds in the building. The damage may also spread to neighboring buildings, placing you at a significant financial liability. You have to ensure that no leaks occur at your property to prevent such unfortunate cases. Our professional plumbers will check for any possible leaks and repair them efficiently to prevent future problems.

Other benefits include savings on water bills, preservation of the environment, and achieving maximum benefit from public utilities such as water, if leaks don’t occur, or are prevented effectively. You can enjoy many other benefits of efficient leak detection services if you partner with us at Specialized Pipe Technologies. We offer these services in Florida, Southern California, Nevada, Northern Ohio, and the MidAtlantic with offices in the following locations::

If you are looking for excellent leak detection, you can always trust us here at Specialized Pipe Technologies. Contact us today for more details. You may also call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment for leak detection. We proudly serve Florida, Southern California, Nevada, Northern Ohio, and the MidAtlantic with offices in the following locations:

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