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Pasadena, Texas Nu Line Epoxy Barrier Coatings

Did you know that aging plumbing pipes along with other system components are the number one reason that there are trace amounts of lead in Pasadena, Texas’s drinking water supply? In the good old days lead was actually used in a variety of building materials. Manufacturers, government agencies, and the general public at large were not yet aware of the health threats that this inexpensive, and easy to work with substance caused. In the 1930’s lead water pipes were banned for use in new construction.

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However nearly all homes, in the United States, that were build prior to 1986 incorporated the use of lead solder to connect the copper pipes to one another. The scary thing is that unless your home or investment property was constructed less than thirty years ago there is a tremendous risk that poisonous lead is leaching directly into your drinking water. At this point your gut instinct most likely is to rip out the entire water pipe system and replace it with a new one that is completely safe.

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The problem with that is it is extremely expensive, and will disrupt your household and or tenants for weeks on end while the job is being worked on. Most pipes are buried in ceilings and walls in order to hide them from view. That means that the plumbing contractor must demolish those ceilings and walls in order to reach the pipes in order to replace them with new ones. Of course the job ends up being extremely costly and enormously time consuming. The project involves multiple contractors to fix the mess.

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The good news is that pipe lining is a far more technologically advanced solution that does not require any unnecessary demolition. Instead of entirely replacing the copper pipes, the lining method is a non-invasive procedure that allows them to stay in place, yet still protects your family, your tenants, and yourself from the harmful affects of lead. At this point you must be wondering how pipe lining works. A qualified plumbing contractor only needs to make a tiny access hole in order to reach the pipeline.

The plumber then uses a small machine to blow a specially formulated epoxy solution that thoroughly coats the entire interior surface of the water pipes. The epoxy typically cures in place within a few hours. Once it hardens a brand new pipe within the old pipe is formed. The new epoxy pipe is completely safe. At this point there is absolutely zero chance that lead solder will leach into the water supply. The entire procedure only takes a day to complete from start to finish.

Saving time is always a huge plus when it comes to any home improvement or repair project. Saving money is even better. When all is said and done pipe lining is typically half the price of the outdated pipe replacement method. That being said if you are planning a pipe lining project it is imperative to work with a plumbing contractor that incorporates the use of the most reliable epoxy lining material. Prior to hiring anyone make sure they are approved to apply Nu Line epoxy barrier coatings in Pasadena, Texas. It is by far the safest, and most advanced pipe lining material available on the market today.

SPT Pipe is one of the largest approved Nu Line installers in the country. As an industry leader since the company began in 1994 we are proud to provide our valued customers with the best products and services available on the market today. Our mission is to save you both time and money. Please contact us for a free consultation today. We look forward to serving all of your plumbing needs.

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