What is the Cost of Trenchless Sewer Repairs?

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At Specialized Pipe Technologies, or SPT, we work hard to offer customers across North America high-quality, reliable trenchless sewer repairs. Our company has continuously invested in trenchless technology and streamlining the repair process to be as easy and convenient for residents and business owners as possible. With our trenchless solutions, we are able to keep the cost of sewer pipe repairs reduced and more affordable for our residential and commercial customers.

How SPT Approaches Fixing Sewer Pipes in North America

Sewer systems utilize sewer pipes, also called drain lines, to transport wastewater off of a residential or commercial property to the city main that runs beneath the streets. In most cases, sewer pipe systems have been constructed with cast iron as the preferred material, but the longevity of this metal is shortened by the corrosive and acidic qualities of the waste being moved through the pipes.

When we work to repair sewer pipes, we take these factors into account in order to determine what is best needed to resolve a given problem. We have three steps for effectively repairing drains and keeping the costs affordable:

  • Video inspection work
  • Pipe cleaning services
  • Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining

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What is The Cost to Have Drains Repaired With our Trenchless Services?

At SPT, flat fees for repairs are offered to all of our customers following our camera inspection. This preliminary step in all of our work guarantees the accuracy of our repairs while avoiding hidden fees to accommodate for the scope of the work conducted on your property.

Depending on the situation, the standard CCTV cameras that we use to perform the inspections may not be enough to diagnose the problem. In these situations, we may need to perform sewer odor detection-based services. These unique tools require white, visible vapors being inserted into the sewer drains. The vapors are released where the cracks and leaks are inside of the pipe, allowing us to pinpoint where the repairs are needed.

Once we have assessed the damage, we take the time to offer a solution that is affordable while keeping it at a flat price. Depending on the customers we are servicing, our repair rates are based on different factors:

Residential Versus Commercial Property Repairs

In most cases, repairing sewer pipes in homes and apartment complexes is not extensive, and because of this, the typical rate our technicians at SPT offers for residential-based repairs is $1,500 or less. Following the completion of our work, we accept the payment. For commercial-based work, we require that a contract is signed with a 20% down payment in order to begin our work. Payment plans are also accepted.

Cost Per Foot

If trenchless pipe lining is necessary to repair problem, we will determine how many feet of the pipe needs to be fixed before offering a flat rate. This equation allows our calculations of the cost to be consistent and fair to all of our customers. Because we don’t charge by the hour, this keeps the costs fixed and pre-set for our customers, avoiding surprises after the job is finished.

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How our Trenchless Sewer Repair Services Work

In order to fix the drain lines, we use innovative trenchless technology to get the job done. At SPT, our technicians will always try to recommend trenchless-based repair methods, such as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. This process allows us to install an epoxy-based pipe into the old pipe, resulting in a repair method that doesn’t require heavy excavation or machinery to complete the job.

The flexible sleeve that will act as the new liner is wetted with epoxy resin and inserted into the pipe through the pull-in-place method. This involves pulling the liner into the pipe and placing it where the damage is before inflating it. Artificial bladders are used to inflate the flexible sleeve, pressing the epoxy against the inside of the pipe and seamlessly filling in cracks and leaks. With the curing process requiring at least a few hours, the result is a new, jointless pipe installed within the old pipe, free of any digging or excavation.

In most cases, this repair process allows us to finish restoring pipelines within a day versus several days or even weeks, which is commonly the case with dig-and-replace services. Trenchless repair work offers our customers across North American many benefits, including:

Eco-Friendly Materials & Processes

The trenchless sewer repair utilizes safe-to-use materials, including the epoxy resin that cures and hardens into the new pipe. All of our materials and equipment are approved for repairs and safe to use. Finally, by avoiding needless demolition or digging, we avoid bringing heavy machinery and labor crews to your property, reducing the carbon footprint left behind from the work we do to restore your drain lines.

Affordable & Budget Friendly

With trenchless sewer drain line repairs, we save our customers money in the long-run by reducing additional costs and fees commonly associated with other methods. This includes past dig-and-replace repairs that required home and business owners to budget for landscape remediation costs, hiring labor crews, acquiring permits for the heavy plows and machinery to be used on the property, and other costs that make the repairs much more expensive. Because our customers don’t need to relocate to another location, they also don’t need to factor in those costs either.

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Call SPT to Fix Your Drain Pipes With Trenchless Sewer Repairs Today!

At SPT, we are a leading provider of trenchless-based repair services across North America. If you are in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to call us. Whether your pipes are cracked and need to be relined or they simply need to be cleaned of debris, we will have the solutions you need to restore the functionality of your pipes.

We service apartment complexes, shopping malls, retail stores, real estate offices, marketing agencies, restaurants, visitor centers, city halls, factories, warehouses, and many other facilities. With our services available throughout the United States, we guarantee that we will have the solutions needed to restore your daily routine. Call Specialized Pipe Technologies today to learn more about we can help you, and we will be happy to assist you.

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