Commercial CIPP Lining Pipe Repair

Commercial CIPP Lining Pipe Repair

CIPP Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

CIPP lining, or cured-in-place pipe lining, is a fantastic technology that can save enormous amounts of money on repiping costs by reducing the need for an entirely new drainage pipe to be replaced or installed. CIPP lining is most often used for repairing and servicing sewer line drain pipes that are removing and leading waste and wastewater away from a home or property to the public sewer system. Sewer drain pipes are usually cast iron and can develop large holes, leaks, and ruptures, as well as clogs and obstructions from waste that can dissolve the pipe itself.

SPT will likely perform a hydro jetting cleaning session of the pipe in question, preceded by a camera inspection to locate problems and obstructions. Once our technicians have determined the problem and appropriate fix, they will discuss solutions and repair steps with the property owner.

First, a SPT sewer camera reveals the waste buildup, breach, or possible root intrusion.

Then, a pneumatic cleaning tool cleans the pipe internally.

Next, a CIPP liner is pulled into place and the bladder is inflated.

After curing, the CIPP lining product is a structural "pipe within the original pipe."

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The CIPP process for commercial properties and sewer line drain pipes uses an epoxy-based sleeve that is installed into the old pipe. The sleeve is inserted into the old pipe using a pull-in-place method, and once inflated, it is pushed into the pipe and allowed to seal off all holes and leaks. Then the epoxy dries, hardens, and the pipe is now like new.

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CIPP Video Inspection and Hydro Jetting Cleaning

It’s important for the pipe to be perfectly clean and washed of all obstructions. Our technicians will use a video camera inspection hose to fully inspect the pipe for any possible issue, and a high-tech hydro jetting cleaning process will remove debris and obstructions. These processes allow for the long term CIPP lining fix to take place.

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CIPP lining is a viable pipe rehabilitation solution for any cast iron drain pipe or waste sewer line for commercial properties, large industrial buildings, hospitals, real estate offices, corporate offices, apartment complexes, and other expansive business properties.

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