Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

If you have a leaking sewer line on your property, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. While it is tempting to put off this major repair, there are some negative consequences that can happen if you do. Today we are going to learn why sewer line repair & replacement is an important home repair job that you should never ignore.

A Cured-In-Place pipe (CIPP) is another trenchless rehabilitation method that SPT uses to repair existing piping systems. CIPP is a jointless and seamless pipe-within-a-pipe with the structural capability to rehabilitate pipes ranging in diameter from 2” to 36″. As one of the most widely used rehabilitation methods CIPP can be applied in both vertical and horizontal runs.

First, a SPT sewer camera reveals a buildup, breach and/or root intrusion.

Then, a pneumatic cleaning tool cleans the pipe internally.

Next, a CIPP liner is pulled into place and the bladder inflated.

After curing, the CIPP lining product is a structural “pipe within the original pipe.”

7 Reasons Why Putting Off Sewer Repair Is a Bad Idea

Further Damage May Occur

When you ignore a sewer drain problem, chances are it will only get worse with time. This can cause major damage which could have possibly been avoided if you did something about it sooner. A small problem that could be fixed in a matter of hours just might turn into a large job that will take several days to complete.

Fines Can Be Costly

If your sewer drain line is leaking into the ground, it can cause serious health issues. If the city notices this problem, 9 times out of 10 they are going to be forced, by law, to fine you. The larger the leak, the greater probability that raw sewage will leak into the ground, driving the cost of your fine through the roof. Furthermore, if you fail to fix the issues by hiring a professional sewer line repair & replacement company, the fines will keep on coming. Things can get even more serious if the state environmental protection agency gets involved. So getting those leaks fixed as quickly as possible is always a wise move.

The Cleanup Process

Neglecting your leaking sewer drain line could end up costing you more than you expect. When raw sewage leaks into the ground, it will need to be cleaned up. This often means that the dirt around your home will need to be removed. Your lawn will be torn up and you will have to foot the bill for replacing the landscape and the cleanup costs.

Expensive Water Damage

When your toilets back up, they will overflow onto your bathroom floor. If you are not home to clean up the mess, water damage can occur. Water damage can destroy your flooring and the walls around the affected area. When this happens, mold can start to grow inside of your walls. A mold colony can form and make your family very sick. If this happens, you will have to hire a professional mold removal company to handle the issue. So if you are facing sewer drain issues that are causing back-ups into your home, do something about it today.

Could Become Very Smelly

When sewer lines back up and you fail to contact a sewer line repair & replacement company to handle the problem, things can start to stink. Foul odors are a common side effect of a sewer drain blockage and can really make your home smell bad. While you might not notice it, surely any guests that visit your home will be able to smell it.  If you have a sewer blockage, try to get it fixed as quickly as possible to avoid this condition.

Not As Costly

One of the main reasons so many people put off sewer repairs is the cost. Homeowners often think that a leaking sewer drain line or a blocked drain will cost thousands of dollars to fix. But with today’s technology advancements, the cost of sewer repair has come way down. If your problem is not too complicated, you can easily have it fixed for a fraction of the cost that you might think. So instead of putting off repair, why not get a quote from a sewer line repair and replacement company? You just might be surprised at just how cheaply you can have your sewer problems repaired.

Your Property Value

If you allow a broken sewer drain to go unchecked, you just might cause your home’s value to decrease. Once raw sewage has infiltrated the ground around your home, people will be far less likely to purchase your home. If you are going to sell your home in the near future, this can cause you to lose money. Potential buyers simply don’t want to live in a home that could be potentially contaminated with your waste. Before your sewer problems become this serious, why not do something about them today? You will protect your home’s value and you will be able to resell it quickly in the future.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

If you are faced with sewer or drain issues, you are not alone. Each and every year, hundreds of homeowners just like you are hit with sewer problems. In the past, there was only one way to deal with this troublesome issue. Digging up the entire sewer or drain line was the only way to fix or replace the problem. But now there is a different way of doing things. Trenchless sewer pipe lining is a process that has been around for a while, but now many companies are starting to utilize its benefits. This new technology allows plumbing companies to fix sewer or drain issues with very little digging.

What is Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining?

As we stated above, in the past, the only way to fix sewer drain issues was to dig up the entire pipe. But with trenchless sewer pipe lining, minimal digging is required. We will usually need only two small access holes. These holes will be just large enough for plumbing technicians to access your sewer drain line. Once access has been gained, the replacement lining, which is flexible, will be pulled into place and compressed using air. Then afterward the liner, which contains epoxy, will be cured in place. Once dry, this new lining will seal your sewer drain line completely, making it watertight.

Who Will Benefit from Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining?

Keep reading to see if you can benefit from trenchless sewer pipe lining. Homeowners around the area should pay close attention to the information below.

Leaking Drain Line

Have you been told by the city that your drain line is leaking? Have you noticed a wet area on your lawn that should not be there? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you will greatly benefit from trenchless sewer lining technology. Leaking sewer drain lines need to be addressed as quickly as possible. By installing a sewer lining to fix the leaking drain, you will solve the issue fast and stop the leak. This will help protect your soil from becoming contaminated and your sewer system will be back to normal in no time at all.

Those With Root Issues

If you have been told that you have tree roots in your sewer line, then you have a big problem. Roots will often invade a sewer drain line over time. If you have large trees on your property and you have noticed your sinks or toilets backing up, then you will need to get your drain line checked. A great way to have your line checked is with a special sewer camera. This camera will be lowered into your sewer drain line. The camera will reveal any issues that you may have, including roots. After roots have been detected, they will need to be removed. This removal process will grind the roots and send them down the drain line, cleaning the way. Then during the final steps of the repair process, a drain line will be cured into place. This will help seal up any damage that the roots have caused and prevent any future root growth.

Older Homes

If your home is more than 20 years old, there is a chance that your sewer drain line has begun to crack. This can cause leaks and, if left untreated, can cause the entire sewer drain to collapse under pressure. Instead of allowing this to happen (which can be costly) why not do something to fix it? As you have already learned, a sewer drain liner can be blown into place and cured. Sewer drain liners are structurally strong and will hold up very well against the elements. This will extend the life of your sewer drain for many years to come. In fact, sewer liner will last many decades without needing replacement.

Looking to Increase Property Value

As stated above, those with older homes can greatly benefit from a sewer lining. But did you know that a new lining can increase the value of your home? If you are looking for a way to boost your home’s value as an investment or to resell, having your sewer drain lined just makes sense. When potential home buyers see that you have gone to the trouble of upgrading your sewer system, they will be more likely to make an offer. This will allow you to get a larger asking price, and be able to make a sale much faster. So if you are looking to add value to your home, why not consider getting your drain line rehabilitated with a Curled-in-Place Pipe liner?

Vent Stack Lining

Do you own large commercial rental properties? If so, then you know all too well just how difficult the maintenance of those properties can be. When problems arise it often seems like nothing can go right. But luckily there are some things that you can do to help prevent some of these problems from occurring. Your buildings will have multiple vents that help keep your restrooms working properly. Many times these vents can turn into major problems if they begin to leak. Rain can often find its way down into these vents causing major water damage to your commercial or rental property. A great way to prevent these problems is with professional vent stack lining. Learn more about the process of vent stack lining and what it can offer you as the commercial property owner.

How Vent Stack Lining Can Help You

We all know that vents have a tendency to leak, especially when it rains. Also, gasses from the restrooms they are connected to often escape in the wrong places, causing unpleasant odors throughout the entire building complex. Vent stack lining can help with both of these issues and more! Below we will learn how this process works and what it can mean for you. So make sure to pay close attention to the information you find.

How Does Vent Stack Lining Work?

This fairly new process requires a plumbing technician to fill vents with epoxy in liquid form. Then the epoxy is allowed to dry forming a strong and durable liner that will help prevent leaks. As you will see below, there are many benefits of this service and if you own a commercial or rental building you should check them out.

No Replacement Vents

Vent replacement is a costly affair that will reduce your bottom line. Depending on the size of your building and the number of vents you need to replace, you just might end up spending thousands of dollars. The labor alone to remove old vents and replace them with new ones can quickly skyrocket. So instead of replacing your vents, why not have them lined? This will help save you tons of money because your labor cost will be brought down to a minimum. Vent stack lining only takes a few technicians to complete the job and this will save you big.

Less Downtime

Replacing your vent stacks will take some time. During this time your tenants will not be able to use their restrooms. This is a huge setback for the people who call your building home. So instead of upsetting your paying tenants, why not get those vent stacks lined? The process will only take a fraction of the time and they will be able to use their restrooms normally on the same day of the service. Once the epoxy has been allowed to dry for a few hours the restrooms will be back up and running. This is a huge advantage over the traditional method of vent stack replacement.

Less Noise

When you replace vent stacks the traditional way your complex is going to be full of noisy workers. Their trucks and trailers will take up room in your parking lot and your building will be very loud during the day.  This disturbance can really put a damper on their lives. Instead, you should think about using the newer method of vent stack lining. Workers will be out of your hair very quickly and the noise level will be greatly reduced. This will help keep everyone happy, including you!

Less Maintenance

When you have your vent stacks lined they will stay that way for many years to come. This will help reduce the need for maintenance, which is always a good thing. The less maintenance you have to worry about the better! We all know that the cost of maintenance is high and reducing it is always something you are looking to do. Vent stack lining is a great way to help reduce the cost of maintenance.

Freedom to Choose

Vent stack lining gives you the freedom to choose between this new method and replacement. While you might decide to replace a few of your vent stacks, you have the option of repairing most of them with a liner.

Roof Drain Lining

Do you own an apartment building? One of the most challenging rental properties to maintain is, hands down; apartment complexes. The main reason these buildings are so hard to keep in tip-top shape is because everything is connected. Drain lines and water lines are all part of a major network of pipes that are interconnected at some point. This can make repair very difficult. Roof drains are part of this system and often they are in need of major repair. But what if there were a way to fix the entire system all at once? Roof drain lining is the perfect alternative to traditional roof drain replacement. Learn more about how this process can greatly benefit you the apartment complex owner.

Six Benefits of Roof Drain Lining

No Worries

Depending on the size of your apartment building, your roof drain system can be quite extensive. This network of roof drain lines runs all around the building. While you might find only one leak in the line, chances are there are others that you do not see. If you only fix the ones you see, others will begin to leak and you will have to start the replacement process all over again. This can be costly and unnecessary. Roof drain lining is a fairly new technology that will coat your roof drain pipes and seal them up. This will help stop any leaks, preventing water from going somewhere that it shouldn’t.

Save Money

Roof drain lining will save you money in several ways. First, you will save money because you don’t have to replace all of those roof drain lines, which could add up to thousands of dollars. If you have a very large apartment complex, replacement costs could really soar. Secondly, you will save money on labor. The roof drain lining process requires fewer technicians to complete, which will reduce the overall cost of the job. Finally, roof drain lining will help prevent future damage to your property that can really start to add up. So now you see why there are so many apartment building owners who are choosing this new technology.

Less Repairs

When you have your roof drains lined, it will reduce the need for repairs. This means that your building’s storm drains will work properly for many years to come. So no more need to worry about calls in the middle of the night from your building superintendent telling you that a roof drain is pouring water into a tenant’s patio. The longer you can go without having to repair your drains, the more hard earned money you can keep in your pocket.

Pass Inspection

We all know that the local city government loves to hit you with surprise inspections. If your roof drains are leaking, chances are you will fail that part of the inspection. This can be very costly depending on the extent of the damage. Fines can really start adding up, and if you don’t do something to get those roof drains fixed, you just might be out of business before you know it. By having your roof drains lined, you will avoid these costly fines and finally be able to pass those inspections with flying colors.

Increase Property Value

While you might not want to sell your apartment complex now, in the future you just might decide to sell it. When you do, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a bigger asking price? This could be possible if you have your roof drains lined with the latest technology. When potential buyers look at your rental property and see that you have invested in your roof drains with upgrades that will last for many decades, they will be more inclined to purchase. This will allow you to sell faster and for more money! It is always a wise move to invest in your rental property and now you can do so without having to spend a ton of money. So why not make this simple but effective investment today?

Complete in No Time

Another benefit of roof drain lining has to be the amount of time it takes for the liner to harden. This quick process can be completed in as little as a few days so that your building can get back to normal in no time at all. So if you are worried about the time it will take to fix your roof drains, you can be assured this new process will have you up and running in no time at all.

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