Specialized Pipe Technologies was founded in 1994. Since our founding, we have proudly installed over 1-million feet of pipe lining in North America, and we intend to keep on counting. Our company specializes in pipe inspection, pipe cleaning, and pipe rehabilitation and repair. Give us a call or send in a digital service request today, and be sure to describe your piping problems in detail. We can send over a technician to promptly inspect your pipes and propose efficient plumbing solutions.

Our leak detection services are disruption-free due to our high-quality sewer video inspection equipment. Sewer cameras are cameras that are built into cables that reach up to 200ft in length, or further. They are lowered into your pipe systems, and sport LED light fixtures to project found leaks on a screen for a technician to inspect. We can see what is causing the leak, and troubleshoot whether the pipe has corroded, burst, or had a different kind of failure. You can call SPT, or submit a digital service request for an inspection today.

We use hydro jetting to blast high-pressured water through your pipe systems for cleaning. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly, and we only operate after we have thoroughly inspected your pipes. Hydro-jets help clean pipes for further procedures when dealing with tree root invasions, leaks, or any other situation that leeches dirt into your water lines. Restore your pipes today by contacting an SPT service professional and hearing about hydro jetting can thoroughly clean your plumbing system.

Common plumbing problems

Repair and rehabilitation is painless when you call an SPT technician. We specialize in pipe lining, and have a steady procedure when dealing with a variety of plumbing repairs. All plumbing repair is situational, but you can always expect to begin a plumbing repair after a sewer video inspection. If the pipes aren’t completely old and ruined, you can expect a thorough pipe clean as well so the technician can apply repair and rehabilitation methods to your lines.

Pipe rehab and repair is usually necessary after a length of time has passed. Pipe solutions are slow-building, and are often the result of daily habits of washing things down the drain, or the lack of proper filtration equipment paired with frequent water appliance use. See our blog for tips on daily habits, or suggested pipe problem prevention measures. We continuously update our blog to prepare you for every season and to help keep your plumbing on track.

Call SPT for Pipe Solutions Today

SPT uses technology to minimize the amount of disturbance commonly associated with plumbing. You can find more information about our trenchless service offerings on our web page and blog. Send in a digital service request to Specialized Pipe Technologies today, and experience professional, quality service.

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