Saltwater Corrosion and Your Pipes

Saltwater corrosion and your pipes

Water is a vital component of survival for any living thing. In order to get clean and drinkable water, pipelines are a necessity to live. However in many instances there are times where outside material is detrimental to the pipeline. If your property is close to large bodies of water, saltwater is a concern

Water enables fast oxidation, however salt water has a lot of dissociated ions which act as catalyst to cause corrosion. The combining of moisture, oxygen and water is more damaging to metal than rust is. This deadly combination has the ability to eat away at the metal and weakening it. Buildings close to ocean water with exposed pipes are susceptible to corrosion at a faster rate.

Salt corrosion has a damaging affect on roof stacks as well as cooling towers located on top of roofs. Anything on the roof that is exposed will be caked with salt, whether it is equipment or pipes. This is dangerous for the pipe system, aforementioned salt can enable faster corrosion hence causing pipeline and plumbing failures.

Additionally, copper succumbs to saltwater a lot easier and faster than other pipes. Cast iron and galvanized steel are resistant to saltwater but over time due to exposure will succumb to corrosion. Plastic is the most resistant to salt water corrosion.

However there are preventative solutions to make sure salt in water does not corrode pipes. Specialized Pipe Technologies offers pipe lining and coating technologies which can create a protective barrier.

SPT’s pipe lining and coating is an environmentally friendly and cost effective process. This process eliminates the need to damage any surfaces in order to reach pipes and can be done quickly.

It is never too late to save your pipe system when the likelihood of it damaging is high. Having a property close to a water body increases the chance of corrosion.

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