Repair Copper Pipes in Concrete Slab

Traditionally in order to fix damaged pipes a dig-and-replace is vital. As it may sound like a simple solution, there are many complications associated with this process. For instance, leaking copper pipes entrenched in a concrete slab is difficult to replace. Not only will this cause a disastrous mess it will also be pricey. The plumber will have to dig through the slab to get to the pipe and another company will have to mend the mess caused by the plumbing job.

Plumbing pipe systems can be made out of different materials. However for underwater lines, copper is the more suitable option. Due to their 50-year-old life expectancy, anti-bacterial property and non-corrosive material it has become a common choice for potable water lines.

Copper pipelines should not be able to corrode; however due to the acidity and harsh chemicals within water, corrosion does occur. This can cause hole or cracks in the pipes. There usually are indications that the copper pipes have corroded. Signs include the water having a metallic taste, discolored water or stained laundry.

As previously mentioned, it is difficult to repair copper pipes inside concrete due to the many damages it will cost. Fortunately there is a less catastrophic solution to the leaking copper pipes – trenchless pipe repairing! At SPT it is possible for your pipes to be restored and not damage any surface above by employing Nu Line, a patented process.

Nu Line is a process where epoxy is blown into the damaged pipe. The epoxy resin then cures and creates a thin barrier coating between the pipe and the water flowing through it. This process can be done using existing access points so there is no need for destruction.

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