Reasons Routine Sewer Cleaning is a Must

Keeping your sewer line clear and clean is important to avoid costly repairs and damage to your property. At Specialized Pipe Technologies, we offer a range of services, including sewer cleaning to help keep your system in great condition. We recommend scheduling regular sewer cleaning for the following reasons: 

Reduced Blockages

The main reason why you schedule sewer cleaning services is to reduce blockage risk or remove a blockage in your pipes. Small clogs in the sink and bathroom cause annoying slow drains that you can typically handle yourself. But when you experience a severe clog, it’s necessary to have experts like us help you clean as soon as possible.

Reduced Odors

The smell in your home can help you know the nature of the clog. A severely clogged sewer line smells like raw sewage. Consistent sewer cleaning keeps the odor out of your home, so we highly recommend you schedule regular regular hydro jetting services.

Reduced Expenses

When you have your clogged sewer line cleaned, you can ask our technician to inspect your entire sewer line for any damages. Older pipes can often rust or be penetrated by tree roots. Our technician can help you notice these issues early. That way, you will have fewer expenses by dealing with the minor repair than the massive cost of full sewer line replacement.

A Clean Home

Sewer lines carry bugs and bacteria, so when your sewer line is clogging, everything that dwells in that dirt comes with it. Having your sewer line cleaned regularly helps avoid gross stuff in your sewers from getting into our home and putting your family’s health in danger.

Specialized Pipe Technologies provides sewer cleaning services in San Diego and Long Beach, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Miami and Naples Florida. We also provide sewer cleaning in Sarasota, FL and also in Pinellas County, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Clearwater, and Orlando, FL.

It is crucial to have your sewer line cleaned regularly to avoid expensive problems. Contact Specialized Pipe Technologies today for professional sewer line cleaning. We are experts at removing clogs, repairing damaged sewer lines and keeping your entire sewer line functioning correctly.

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